6 Best Guitar Subwoofer in 2023

Have you ever been to a guitar show, a music shop, or just walked down the street and seen someone with a guitar jamming out?

The sound they made should make you want to start strumming your strings right away. Most people don’t realize that is actually what made them sound so good – but it was likely the subwoofer playing along!

If you want to find new ways to improve the sound of your music in any way, this post is for you. I’ll show you how to choose the best guitar bass and make your electric or acoustic guitar sound better.

1- Presonus Eris Sub8


The Presonus Eris Sub8 is a beautiful speaker and amplifier in one box. The sub8 guitar subwoofer increases your system’s dynamic range and makes the low end bigger and stronger.

With the Remote Punch Level Control on the front panel, which is included, it’s easy to make your viewing setting the best it can be. All of this comes in a surprisingly portable package, making it easy to set up and move around your studio.

It brings out the full power and accuracy of the latest and best music production software, giving you all-new sound dimensions at a price that will spark a new generation of music production.

The Eris Sub8 combines 70 years of experience in audio engineering with new ideas in internal design and cutting-edge materials to make strong subwoofers that work with almost any speaker setup.

The Eris has an 8-inch, front-firing, paper-composite sensor with a high-elasticity rubber frame that smooths low-frequency transients without overhang.

The Class AB 100W amplifier has a strong output with little distortion. A balanced XLR lowpass output lets you connect to full-range speakers like the Yamaha HS8 or Alesis Elevate 3 for more bass extension and space without needing a separate mixer.

Pros & Cons

  • The perfect way to get great sound with your guitar comes with a 100w class AB amplifier and a subwoofer box
  • No need for a separate mixer
  • Some people may not like the design of the box

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2- Focal Professional Twin6 

The Focal Professional Twin6 is a professional subwoofer designed for the most demanding applications.

The Twin6 has a robust 400W Class D amplifier and two 6-1/2″ woofers. The RMS power is 400 watts, and the peak power is 800 watts. The inverted dome speaker has great consistency, dynamics, and low directivity.

The hybrid sandwich cone makes a sound that is not distorted or changed. The design of the covered Beryllium dome tweeter has been changed on the amplifier to change the balance of tones.

The Twin6 subwoofer is excellent for people who want to play music at home or in a small setting. Its small size lets you put it anywhere in your room without affecting how well it works or sounds.

The Twin6 is the ideal partner for your guitar. It will help you work faster without lowering the quality of your records or mixes in any way.

The Focal Professional Twin6 comes with a speaker wire that is 8′ (2 m) long and has Neutrik Speaker plugs so that it is easy to connect the amplifier and subwoofer.

Pros & Cons

  • Well engineered with nice cosmetics.
  • Well-balanced sound, with 40Hz to 40kHz response.
  • You can play loud if required.
  • Designed for horizontal use so present a low profile.

  • The forward sound of the tweeter may not suit everybody’s taste.
  • Switches are vulnerable to damage, though there may be a modification to fix this in the future.

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3- T10S powered subwoofer

The T10S-powered subwoofer is a small, high-output Guitar subwoofer that is perfect for smaller rooms, project studios, and musical instruments.

It has a 10″ low-frequency driver with a 130W amplifier that gives accurate bass feedback down to 28Hz (-6dB). The T10S also has several settings, such as a crossover that can be set and a reverse polarity switch. The T10S is great for home and business use because of its tough, padded case and flexible design.

The polypropylene cone and rubber base of the speaker is light and strong enough to last a long time, even with heavy use.

The amp features frequency response from 38Hz to 120Hz with selectable crossover frequencies from 35Hz to 60Hz, 80Hz, and 120Hz; gain control; phase adjustment; polarity invert switch; XLR/RCA inputs/outputs; front panel gain dial knob; blue power LED indicator; auto on/off function.

It also has easy-to-use settings on the front panel so you can change the crossover frequency, phase, polarity, and volume level of each speaker without opening your DAW program.

The T10S is perfect for people who want a subwoofer that sounds good and doesn’t cost too much.

Pros & Cons

  • Increased reliability
  • Enhanced performance
  • New driver geometry
  • Optimized radiation characteristics

  • Some people may not like the crisp sound
  • Not Quite Good for Gamers

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4- JBL LSR310S 

The JBL LSR310S is a strong subwoofer with a 10″ driver that can meet the power and efficiency needs of any setting. This JBL slipstream port design, which has been given a trademark, works with the LSR310S low-frequency driver to make a powerful, dynamic bass sound, no matter how loud the music is.

The XLF setting is a first for JBL. When turned on, it turns on a specially designed tuning that sounds like the strong bass tuning used in modern dance clubs.

The LSR310S has a custom-made driver that can produce a deep low-frequency response down to 20 Hz and a high output of 113 dB for long periods while running at full power and without the chance of failing.

By connecting the LSR310S, which has balanced XLR and 1/4-inch inputs as well as XLR outputs, to the subwoofer, you can improve the low-frequency output of any guitar.

The -10Dbv/+4 dB sensitivity switch ensures that the LSR310S can connect to a wide range of signal sources. This means you can connect the LSR310S to high-output professional devices without worrying about overloading the input. This button is on the front of the machine.

Pros & Cons

  • Tight, punchy, deep bass
  • More refined low-end replication
  • Clean bass

  • It may not be able to handle rough terrain

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5- Polk Audio PSW10 

The Polk Audio PSW10 is a good choice if you want a subwoofer that is easier to move around and has full-range sound power.

This driven sub is made to give you a strong bass response in a small package and fit in with your other speakers so you can hear the full range of sound. It has a 50-watt RMS amplifier built in, which gives it 100 watts of dynamic power. This means it can handle even the most demanding nodes without any distortion.

This sub has a crossover from 80 to 160 Hz and a frequency response from 40 to 160 Hz (-3dB). The built-in amplifier was made to make clean, deep bass without making the original signal sound muddy or distorted.

The controls on the front of this subwoofer make it easy to change the bass level or connect it to a suitable speaker via the LFE link (red).

The PSW10 is easy to add to current systems. It connects this sub to the receiver and improves the sound of your music right away.

This Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer also comes with a flexible mounting system that lets you put it anywhere in your room for the best sound. Its ported housing has a unique design that makes the bass louder and more accurate.

Pros & Cons

  • Reasonable Price Tag
  • Good-Looking
  • Easy Setup
  • 100 Watts Dynamic Power
  • Low Pass Control

  • Not Quite Good for Gamers
  • Lacks LFE (Low- Frequency Effect)
  • It is not Magnetically Shielded

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6- Mackie CR-X Series

The Mackie CR-X Series, 8-Inch Multimedia 200w Subwoofer with Professional Studio-Quality Sound, Bluetooth, and Desktop Volume Control is great for guitars!

We have had it for more than six months and have loved it. It was hard to set up, but once you learned how to use it, it was easy. With this speaker, we can adjust the level on our guitar system without bothering anyone else in our house.

We can play the guitar at a normal volume without having to turn up the volume on the sound system. I would suggest this product if you want to be able to listen to your guitar at a lower volume while still getting a good sound.

It gives you studio-quality sound at a price you can pay. It works great for any music, recording, or video program requiring high-quality sound.

With a top-of-the-line woofer and speaker, the CR-X Series is made to produce amazing sound quality. You can connect your digital devices to the 1/4-inch TRS, RCA, and Bluetooth ports, so you can play music from your phone or tablet over Bluetooth or through the aux link.

It has a built-in volume setting on the front panel, so you don’t have to go through menus or computer tools to change the volume. It also comes with a remote control for your desk, so you can change songs or adjust the volume even when you’re not at your desk.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable Entry-Level Option
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Loud For The Size
  • Attractive Design
  • Front Input Options

  • Not The Best Build Quality

  • Lacking In Bass

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If a subwoofer is made to connect to an amplifier, it will have a built-in preamp that lets it be used in either stereo or mono mode. There are different kinds of subwoofers, like bass, guitar, and even “monitor” style, and each is made for different use.

The most important choice you’ll have to make is how you want to use your subwoofer and what kind of instrument you want to use it with.

Even though guitar subwoofers send an electrical signal, they don’t have a built-in preamp like amps do. They can’t be hooked straight to an amplifier because of this. Instead, they must be put into another amplifier with a pre-amp, like an instrument or mixing board. The mixing device can then be used to mix the sound of the guitar and bass with the sounds of other instruments.

Update your information so that you are ready the next time you go shopping for a subwoofer to go with your guitar rig or even if your equipment breaks down and you want to ensure you get the best one. Shine up those gems and look at how your banjo is finished. You’ll be glad you did!

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