4 Best Position For Subwoofer In SUV

The finest approach to improve the low-end power and quality of your SUV is to have subwoofers installed, but how should you position them in your vehicle? After conducting a study on the topic at hand, the following information has been uncovered:

For a heavier bass sound and feel, most bass aficionados place the subwoofers in the direction of the back of the vehicle, either the back of the cab in a truck or the tailgate in an SUV.

Alternate configurations are also a possibility; however, doing so will change both the feel and the sound of the bass.

In this article, we’re going to get deep into the topic of how the angle and position of your subwoofer influences your whole listening experience. And Best Position For Subwoofer In SUV.

In addition to that, we shall talk about the many genres of music and the kind of equipment and setups that are best suited for them, as well as how to accommodate size issues when selecting subwoofers.

Continue reading to learn the details of everything that took place.

What Is The Best Position For Subwoofer In SUV?

subwoofer installed in your SUV

In the event that you are as much of an audiophile and a car enthusiast as we are, then you most certainly will have a subwoofer installed in your SUV in order to improve the whole audio quality.

However, are you familiar with the optimal location for installing a subwoofer in a vehicle? So in order to help you appreciate the rhythms more, here are a few pointers.

1- Trunk Of SUV

It was necessary for this to come first on the list because it is the very first location that springs to everyone’s mind whenever the subject of subwoofers is brought up.

And you aren’t wrong, since if you’re thinking about having one giant subwoofer that should do the task, then there is no other spot in a car with that much area to place one of them, and that’s the only place where you can put one of them.

Everyone has a use for the trunk space, but it’s not always the case that you’ll use the entire space, which is why installing a large subwoofer might be a sensible choice.

If you want to receive the best output in the automobile, you should position the speakers so that they are pointing backward rather than forwards or upwards. In this position, you will get the best sound quality.

The drawback of using this location is that it consumes valuable room in the trunk, and if you have other goods in the trunk, they could potentially cause harm to the subwoofer if they shift around while you are driving.

2- Back Seat Of SUV

The fact that not many people are aware of this location is the primary reason why it is widely believed to be one of the positions that receive the least amount of respect in terms of the ideal spot to put a subwoofer in a car.

If you install the subwoofer behind the back seat, you will experience improved sound distribution as well as amazing bass production.

In certain configurations, the subwoofer can be aimed in either direction: toward the ground or at the front seats.

Even if the benefit is obvious and the sound quality will be improved, the passengers in the back of the vehicle might not be happy with the change.

Because the sound output is closer to them, it is possible for it to become louder for them than it is for individuals who are seated in the front.

3- The Front End Of The SUV

In the event that the driver and the co-driver are the ones, who typically listen to music while driving, then the area behind the front seats is the optimal location for a subwoofer to be installed in a vehicle. I believe that it is an uncommon method. However, the sonic output will be far more precise due to its proximity. Additionally, the production of bass is more refined, but its effect won’t be uniformly felt throughout the vehicle.

4- Under The Front Seat

Under the Front seat It goes without saying that in order to accomplish this goal, you will want two subwoofers that are installed underneath the driver’s seat and the co-seat.

When you position two subwoofers under the seats that fire upwards, you will have a lot better effect than when you place one giant subwoofer in the trunk.

The optimal size of the subwoofer can be around 8 inches, which is less than the one large subwoofer in the trunk.

The placement of the subwoofer is primarily to blame for this issue, which, due to the fact that it is almost exactly in the middle of the length of the car, ensures that the effect is uniform across the entirety of the SUV.

If you pair this with the door speakers that come as standard from the manufacturer, the overall sound quality will be significantly improved.

The fact that you will require purchasing two of them rather than just one is a drawback. The cost of one is less than the cost of the single massive subwoofer that is stored in the trunk, but you will end up spending more overall if you get two.

In addition, the output settings have to be tweaked because they are not going to be the same for every vehicle.

The reason we aren’t totally focused on showing that under-seat subwoofers are the best is that there are many subwoofers with much larger drivers that sound much better, and only one of them will be plenty in the trunk, and other people want discreet subwoofers that can be put at the front as well.

In fact, we are not even hell-bent on proving that they are the best. Because sedans are longer, SUVs are higher, and hatchbacks are shorter, this will vary considerably depending on the type of car that you intend to install it in. There is a significant difference between each one in terms of both the sound output and the acoustics.

Does The Direction A Subwoofer Is Pointed Make A Difference?

Back-Firing Subwoofers

The direction in which you face a subwoofer can have a significant impact on the overall sound quality.

Some configurations will produce a bass that hits harder, some will provide a sound that is more clear, and some will produce something in the center. In the following section, we will look at the various configurations in even greater depth.

Back-Firing Subwoofers

Back-firing subwoofers, which are the most typical configuration for custom jobs, are able to produce more strong bass. The subwoofer is mounted against the back of the rear seats in this arrangement, and it directs its sound toward the back of the vehicle.

In this configuration, the sound waves travel the greatest distance possible because, prior to reaching the ear, they reflect off the rear of the SUV. This not only produces a more realistic sound but also allows the bass to bounce throughout the entire SUV.

When paired with huge subwoofers, such as the 15″ subs from Massive Audio, a system of this nature is perfect for music that emphasizes heavy bass, particularly when the bass is played at a loud volume. 

When paired with huge subwoofers, such as the 15″ subs from Massive Audio, a system of this nature is perfect for music that emphasizes heavy bass, particularly when the bass is played at a loud volume.

If you’re a fan of hip hop, rap, dubstep, or any other genres that are similar to these, you should give some thought to purchasing this setup.

Front-Firing Subwoofers

It is less customary to point the subwoofers toward the front of the SUV, although doing so can still provide excellent sound. You will probably discover that you are able to hear the actual notes being played by the bass better, despite the fact that you will probably feel it less.

Because of this, front-facing subwoofers perform well with smaller subs and musical genres in which the bass plays a key role in the harmony, orchestration, or soloing.

If you enjoy listening to chamber music or jazz, you might think about configuring your speakers such that the subwoofers are facing forward and are of a smaller size.

For example, the 10-inch subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate are seen below. It’s possible that with this configuration, you’ll find that you enjoy low-end orchestral textures and bass solos more than you do back-firing subs.

Up-firing And Side-Firing Subwoofers

If placing your subwoofers to the back enhances the strength of the hard-hitting base and pointing them to the front maintains more musical quality, then up and side-firing is a strategy that may be used to establish a halfway ground between the two.

The vast majority of these configurations do not exclusively fire upwards or to the side. Instead of being constructed flat, many subwoofer boxes are constructed at an angle.

This subwoofer box, which is another product offered by Rockford Fosgate, is positioned in such a way that it allows you to point it either toward the front or the back in addition to getting an upward direction. Additionally, its dimensions are such that it can be placed beneath the seat of many SUVs.

Down-Firing Subwoofers

When down-firing, it might be difficult to achieve the desired sound quality, regardless of whether the sound is produced straight or at an angle. Because of this, downward-facing subwoofers are normally only used as a way of saving area.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Subwoofer In A truck With A Cab?

There is often insufficient space behind the seats for the installation of subwoofers. However, you may still boost the sound of the bass by putting subwoofers under the rear seats of your vehicle.

These subwoofers usually emit sound in a downward direction; however, some models, such as the Rockford Fosgate model described above, emit sound in an upward direction, into the bottom of the seat.

In most cases, it is not practical to install 15-inch subwoofers in an extended cab pickup truck due to the space limitations involved.

Because of these considerations, you won’t get the biggest hits, nor will you get the finest audio quality. However, your subs will still be able to improve the bottom end and your overall audio enjoyment.

Best Subwoofer Setup For SUV

As we’ve seen, the same listener might have vastly different experiences depending on the subwoofer setup that’s being used. Because of this, there is no one specific configuration that is ideal for an SUV.

In addition to the experience of hearing, there are a number of other factors to take into account.

The optimal configuration for you will also be determined by the amount of money and room that you are ready to give up to place your subwoofer.

The possession of a number of high-quality, rear-facing 15 “Installing subwoofers in the cargo area of your SUV could provide you with the perfect sound, but doing so would require you to give up space.

A lot of people buy SUVs because they have a lot of cargo room, and they don’t want to give up that space. It is also going to set you back a significant amount of money.

Despite the fact that there is no one optimal configuration, we will discuss some possible configurations for the various priorities. Here we have listed some of the best setups. 

1- Passionate Follower Of The Low-Frequency Bass

It may be worthwhile to install multiple subwoofers and point them at the back of the room if you are the type of person who wants to do more than just hear the bass but also feel it.

For the greatest possible results, you should think about purchasing larger subwoofers, such as 12″ or 15″ subwoofers.

The durable subwoofer box manufactured by Q Power can accommodate a pair of 12 “subwoofers. It is 32 in length “x 14″ x 13.5” and can easily be stored in the cargo compartment of the vast majority of SUVs, but this will necessitate the loss of some space.

It’s possible that you may think about pairing it with a powerful subwoofer, like this 12-inch one “2500 watt from Skar Audio.

This configuration will allow you to really get into the music, but it has the potential to amplify whatever rattling or shaking that your SUV may already have. 

2- The Audiophile And Hi-Fi Enthusiast

If you want to hear the texture and detail of each note played by bass instruments, you might want to think about using a different configuration.

In such circumstances, you might want to consider loading 8-inch or 10-inch subwoofers and pointing them toward the front.

The space below is large enough to accommodate a number of regular cabs as well as an SUV. It provides room for two 10 in each slot “subwoofers will provide the highest possible audio level.

The price of a high-quality 10″ subwoofer is more reasonable than that of larger models. This particular model, which is another subwoofer produced by Skar Audio, is a fantastic option that won’t blow your budget.

You will be able to appreciate every note in the lower register if you have the arrangements and setup, whether it be the bassoon textures in Shostakovich symphonies or the bass solos of Paul Chambers.

3- The Space Saver

Even if you are not willing to reduce the amount of room available for cargo in your SUV, this does not preclude you from increasing the power of your lower register.

Under-seat subwoofers are an option to consider in this scenario; we’ve seen similar ones installed in extended-cab pickup trucks.

These will not produce the same level of resonance or sound quality as the prior arrangements, but they will keep your cargo space unaffected.

Rockville’s 10″ subwoofer is pre-mounted in a box that has a height of only 2.7 inches, making it possible to store it neatly and effortlessly beneath virtually any seat.

Purchasing a subwoofer that is already pre-mounted will save you money because you won’t need to buy a separate box.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a better understanding of how the bass that is produced by your SUV’s sound might be affected by the configuration of the subwoofers.

You’ll be prepared to make the decisions most suited to satisfy your individual preferences and requirements, allowing you to take pleasure in your commute regardless of the music playing in the background.

Because not all of them want to bash their heads against the steering wheel, and not all of them want to listen to slow music at low intensity for the entirety of the day, we would suggest that you select the appropriate type of subwoofer before doing anything else.

In either case, it is best to first choose where the subwoofer will be placed before conducting research to find the ideal subwoofer for your needs.

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