5 Best Subwoofer For Edifier R1700BTS ( 2023)

Do you want to improve the sound of your Edifier R1700BTs by adding a subwoofer?

If you want a bookshelf speaker, the Edifier R1700BTs is a great choice.

But if you want the best sound quality, you might want to buy a separate subwoofer.

Subwoofers give your music a level of depth and impact that you can’t get with just two speakers.

Whether you want to improve your everyday listening experience with a deep, powerful bass or play music with more clarity and accuracy, it can be hard to find the right setup.

Don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard work! In this blog post, we’ll show you some of our best suggestions for choosing the best subwoofer to go with your Edifier R1700BTs.

Read on to find out more about what makes each suggestion special and why it’s a good choice.

<b>Klipsch R-10SW 10" Subwoofer </b>

Klipsch R-10SW 10″ Subwoofer 

  • Low pass crossover and phase control
  • Line/LFE inputs for compatibility with most receivers
<b>SVS Pb1000 10" Subwoofer </b>

SVS Pb1000 10″ Subwoofer 

  • FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion
  • Long-throw suspension for high output at deep frequencies
<b>Victrola Premiere S1 Subwoofer</b>

Victrola Premiere S1 Subwoofer

  • The powered sub features multiple wired and wireless input options.


5 Best Subwoofer For Edifier R1700BTS

Certainly! Here’s a more detailed list of the five best subwoofers for edifier R1700bts that are sure to enhance your audio setup and immerse you in deep, rich bass:

1. Klipsch R-10SW 10″ Subwoofer

Klipsch R-10SW 10" Subwoofer 

The R10SW from Klipsch is a 10″ subwoofer. Get ready to hear great sound, no matter what genre you like.

A powerful, controlled sound with low distortion comes from a 10″ copper-spun front-firing woofer that is driven by a 300-watt, all-digital amplifier. Both music and movie fans will enjoy this sound.

What a wide range of options! With low pass crossover and phase control, you can easily change your sound to get the best performance no matter what you’re listening to.

It’s a great addition to any home theater or audio system, or even to your large collection of vinyl records.

This subwoofer was made with great engineering, so every note will be clear and strong as it fills your room with beautiful sound.

Listening to my favorite music is a powerful way for me to take care of myself, and it’s even better when the sound is good.

I just bought the Klipsch R-10SW 10″ Subwoofer with Edifier R1700BTS, and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made as an audiophile.

I really got into the music because the tones were so clear and precise. I felt like I was in my favorite concert hall.

With the subwoofer’s deep, booming vocals and the speakers’ richly balanced highs, I can hear every detail without any distortion or too much vibration.

The best part is that listening at louder volumes doesn’t change the quality of the sound. This means that you can dance around the room and quietly sing along without any trouble.

If you want great sound quality on a budget, I highly recommend this product. It’s great for anyone who wants to make their music come alive.

When it comes to subwoofers and sound systems, Klipsch is the best. Get ready to hear clarity and depth like you’ve never heard before!


  • Deep and powerful bass
  • Excellent sound precision
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Digital Amplifier drives with 300 watts of energy


  • A bit pricey
  • Not portable

Klipsch R-10SW 10″ Subwoofer

  • Equally impressive with music and movies
  • Low pass crossover and phase control
  • Line/LFE inputs for compatibility with most receivers

2- SVS Pb1000 10″ Subwoofer 

SVS Pb1000 10" Subwoofer 

Are you looking for a subwoofer that sounds great and will last for a long time? SVS PB1000 10″ Subwoofer is all you need.

This subwoofer uses high-end technologies, like FEA-optimized motor technology, to make sure there is little distortion. This makes for great sound quality and a great movie experience.

The subwoofer has a long-throw suspension and a high-power voice coil for good thermal management to make the bass notes deeper and more powerful.

This amazing piece of audio equipment has a lightweight 10″ cone that makes it more sensitive and quick to respond, and a rubber surround that makes it more durable and long-lasting.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the SVS PB1000 10″ subwoofer with Edifier R1700BTS worked when I got my hands on it.

The two titanium-laminate drivers can produce up to 600 watts RMS of power, which gives the speakers a lot of energy and a tight, punchy bass.

Also, for how big it is, it’s not very heavy! This subwoofer also has a frequency response with very little distortion, which makes sure that the bass is always accurate and satisfying.

When paired with the Edifier R1700BT loudspeakers, it filled my room with great surround sound.

In addition to being able to do what it’s supposed to, it has a really modern design. It’s slim, so it doesn’t draw attention away from other furniture, and it has a beautiful glass side panel, which makes it perfect for any modern room.

Overall, it was a great time to use the SVS PB1000 10″ subwoofer.


  • 600 watts RMS power rating
  • FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion
  • Long throw suspension and high-power voice coil for excellent thermal management
  • Slim build with beautiful glass side panel


  • A bit pricey
  • Not wireless or portable.

SVS Pb1000 10″ Subwoofer 

  • FEA-optimized motor technology for low distortion
  • Long-throw suspension for high output at deep frequencies
  • High-power voice coil for excellent thermal management

3. Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer

Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer

The Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer is the perfect mix of vintage style and modern convenience.

This stylish subwoofer has a woodgrain vinyl finish that goes well with any existing home audio system.

Not to mention that it has Bluetooth built in and a variety of audio inputs, such as a mono-RCA and stereo-RCA connection, which makes it easy to set up and connect to your soundbar or AV receiver.

You can count on the Premiere S1 to bring out the best in your audio experience, whether you want to boost the sound of your favorite TV shows and movies or play old vinyl records for your friends.

With a range of 33 feet, you can be sure that any room will be filled with music. And the 8-foot Mono-RCA to Stereo-RCA cable makes connecting systems easy and keeps your space from getting cluttered with cords.

Its powerful amplifier bass gives more depth and punch by boosting low frequencies from incoming content, so you can get the most out of every listening session.

I recently bought a Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer to go with my new Edifier r1700bts speakers, and I couldn’t be happier.

Before I bought this subwoofer, I was never really happy with how my speakers sounded.

After I hooked them up to the subwoofer, though, I noticed that my favorite music, podcasts, and video games all had a deeper sound, from the thump of a bass line to the rumble of an explosion in a movie. This made me feel like I was in a different place right away.

Since I hooked up this subwoofer, the sound has been so satisfying. It always amazes me how something so small can make such a difference in sound clarity and output.

If you want to take your home audio experience to the next level, I highly recommend buying a Victrola Premiere S1 powered subwoofer. It will not let you down.


  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Versatile audio inputs
  • Wide range of 33 ft.- 8ft mono
  • RCA to stereo RCA cable included
  • Powerful amplifier bass performance


  • Not portable

Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer

  • With a wireless range of 33.
  • The powered sub features multiple wired and wireless input options.
  • With 115 years of expertise in producing vintage record player

4. ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer

With the ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer, your home entertainment system will sound better than ever.

Our subwoofer has a custom driver and a Bash amplifier that give it a high-quality sound with deep, rich bass that is clear and precise.

The ELAC Debut 2.0 has advanced Bluetooth control that lets you connect all of your favorite devices that work with it in a seamless way. This gives you easy, wireless access at the touch of a button.

Also, the Auto EQ feature lets you change your sound settings to fit any room or style of music.

You don’t even have to worry about setting up the subwoofer. It comes with a braced MDF cabinet that makes it more stable without making it harder to move around.

When I first used the ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer, I was blown away by how accurate the sound was and how deep the bass was.

The Super 10″ Front Firing Long-Throw woofer emphasizes just the right amount of low-end frequencies for my EDIFIER R1700BTS to create an immersive surround experience.

It’s also great for watching movies because it has an 11dB frequency-optimized onboard crossover that helps the sound go from the satellites to the subwoofer without any breaks.

This subwoofer’s deep bass at -6dB, even at 35Hz, is what stands out to me the most. It is very clean and accurate.

The ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 is one of my favorite pieces of listening equipment because of its sleek box design, small size, and low price.

The ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB30100 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer is the only thing you need for a great sound experience.

With its custom drivers and Bash amplifiers, advanced Bluetooth control, Auto EQ feature, and braced MDF cabinet, this subwoofer has everything you need for high-quality sound in any space.


  • Custom driver and Bash amplifier for superior sound quality
  • Advanced Bluetooth control for easy wireless access
  • Auto EQ feature to customize sound settings
  • Braced MDF cabinet design for stability and portability
  • Super 10″ Front Firing Long Throw woofer, which emphasizes low-end frequencies


  • Not portable

ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 Subwoofer

  • Advanced Bluetooth Control
  • Auto EQ
  • Custom driver
  • Bash amplifier
  • Braced MDF cabinet

5. Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer, Built-in Amplifier

Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer, Built-in Amplifier

The Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer is a great addition to any home theater system.

With its tight bass and built-in amplifier, you can expect the best sound quality and performance.

This powerful subwoofer has a solid, hand-finished, front-ported MDF cabinet with RCA and mini-jack line-level inputs and LFE.

This sub’s frequency response ranges from 27Hz to 180Hz (+/-1.5dB), giving you a wide range of clear and precise sounds.

With the adjustable crossover frequency and phase switch, it’s easy to fine-tune your system’s output so that it plays sounds as accurately as possible.

The S8 also comes with elastomer isolation feet that help cut down on vibrations and resonance. This makes for rich, clear bass that doesn’t distort even when played at high volumes or through complex low-frequency passages.

When I heard that the Audioengine S8 250W powered subwoofer could be used with the edifier r1700bts, I felt the kind of excitement I usually only feel when I hear about the most expensive audio gear.

But when I used it in my own home, it blew my expectations out of the water. The sound quality is just amazing.

The subwoofer has enough power and punch to easily fill my living room with deep, impressive bass.

With the r1700bts speakers’ clear sound, listening to music or watching a movie was a completely immersive experience.

It could even play low-frequency sounds without getting in the way of mid- and high-frequency sounds, so different parts of an audio mix could be heard clearly.

Overall, this set-up sounds great and isn’t too expensive, so I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great home audio experience.


  • Solid, hand-finished MDF cabinet
  • Dual line-level inputs (RCA and mini-jack) and LFE
  • Frequency response reaches 27Hz – 180 Hz (+/-1.5db)
  • Adjustable crossover frequency adjustment and phase switch
  • Elastomer isolation feet reduce vibration and resonance for clear bass


  • Not portable.

Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer

  • Experience tight, smooth, and natural-sounding bass with the Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer’s 8-inch custom woofer.
  • Enjoy premium features like the solid hand-finished front-ported MDF cabinet, selectable crossover frequency adjustment.
  • Set up in seconds with easy connectivity to all your gear via the dual audio inputs and the auto-sleep standby feature.


The best subwoofer for the Edifier R1700BTS depends on what you want and how much money you have.

You can’t go wrong with the Klipsch R-10SW 10″ Subwoofer or the SVS PB1000 10″ Subwoofer if you want bigger, more powerful bass. Both have bass that hits hard and are amazing to listen to.

The Victrola Premiere S1 Powered Subwoofer is great for people who are on a budget but still want good sound from their audio setup.

The ELAC Debut 2.0 SUB3010 400 Watt Powered Subwoofer has a deep bass and a wide dynamic range, which makes it good for any type of music. The Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer, on the other hand, is built to last and has the clearest sound of any subwoofer on the market.

No matter what kind of sound you want, you can find a subwoofer to go with the Edifier R1700BTS stereo system that fits your budget.

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