3 Best SVS Subwoofer For Home Theater (2023)

With the Best SVS Subwoofers for home theater Fans, you can turn your home theater into a movie masterpiece.

With the SVS SB-16 Ultra, which delivers thunderous bass precision, you can take your audio experience to a whole new level.

Or, you could go with the SVS PB-4000, which is known for its deep, room-filling lows that bring action scenes to life.

The SVS PC-2000 Pro is the most versatile choice for those who want to save space without sacrificing performance.

With these three top picks, every movie night at home will feel like a trip to the movie theater.

Prepare to feel the rumble, hear every whisper, and use your entertainment area to its fullest.

<b>SVS SB-16 Ultra</b>

SVS SB-16 Ultra

  • Bass that is loud and clear.
  • A powerful booster for dramatic effect in movies.
  • The resilient building keeps resonance to a minimum.
<b>SVS PB-4000</b>

SVS PB-4000

  • Bass is strong and accurate.
  • Powerful amplifier for demanding material.
  • Controlled easily with app.
<b>SVS PC-2000 Pro</b>

SVS PC-2000 Pro

  • A floor-standing form that saves space.
  • It’s a powerful booster for bass that really hits.
  • Bluetooth controls the DSP, making it easy to change settings.


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Best SVS Subwoofer For Home Theater

Here are three highly rated SVS subwoofers for home theater use:

  • SVS SB-16 Ultra
  • SVS PB-4000
  • SVS PC-2000 Pro

    1- SVS SB-16 Ultra

    SVS SB-16 Ultra


    The SVS SB-16 Ultra is the best subwoofer you can get. It was carefully made to take your home theater experience to new heights.

    This impressive subwoofer has a 16-inch front-firing driver and an 8-inch voice coil. Its frequency response is from 16 to 460 Hz, which is a wide range.

    It’s driven by a strong 1500W RMS (peak) amplifier that delivers thunderous bass with a level of accuracy that is unmatched.

    Putting the SVS SB-16 Ultra to use in my home theater was nothing less than amazing.

    The deep, rumbling bass it made made every movie and game session feel more real.

    Action scenes made me feel like I was in them, and the music came to life with deep, rich lows.

    The subwoofer’s ability to get rid of coloration and cabinet vibration made a big difference in the sound quality.

    It fits in perfectly with what I already had and made bass that shook the room without losing clarity.


    • Bass that is loud and clear.
    • A powerful booster for dramatic effect in movies.
    • The resilient building keeps resonance to a minimum.
    • A steel mesh screen to keep things out.
    • Class D topology makes sure that speed is reliable.


    • The large size might not work in every room.
    • High-end speed at a high-end price.

    SVS SB-16 Ultra

    • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
    • Subwoofer Diameter 16 Inches
    • Frequency Response 16-460Hz

    2- SVS PB-4000

    SVS PB-4000


    The SVS PB-4000 is a powerful subwoofer that will change the way you listen to sound in your home theater.

    It has a high-excursion, front-firing 13.5-inch driver and a 3-inch voice coil, which allow it to make precise, room-energizing sound.

    This subwoofer’s amplifier has a power level of 1200W RMS (4200W peak), so it can easily handle even the most demanding content.

    Its ground-breaking Sledge STA-1200D DSP amplifier gives you easy power and precise control, even at playing levels that are considered to be the best.

    My friend’s home theater experience with the SVS PB-4000 was nothing short of thrilling.

    The subwoofer’s ability to make deep bass that filled the room gave her movie nights a whole new feel.

    It did a good job with both loud action scenes and quiet musical parts.

    With the app control, fine-tuning was easy, and different types of material ran at their best.

    She was especially struck by how well the PB-4000 reproduced low-frequency sounds, making the experience immersive and spine-tingling.


    • Bass is strong and accurate.
    • Powerful amplifier for demanding material.
    • Controlled easily with app.
    • Flexible frequency response.
    • Excellent construction.


    • Bigger and heavier than typical subwoofers.

    SVS PB-4000

    • Amplifier Power Rating 1200 W RMS 4200 W Peak
    • Drivers 13.5″ / 34.3 cm (Front-Firing)
    • Voice Coil 3″ / 7.62 cm

    3- SVS PC-2000 Pro

    SVS PC-2000 Pro


    The SVS PC-2000 Pro is a floor-standing subwoofer that will make your home theater experience better

    It is made to give powerful and precise bass in a small space.

    This subwoofer has a frequency response of 16-290 Hz 3 dB and a 12-inch high-excursion SVS driver that fires down.

    Its Sledge 550W RMS (1,500W peak) Power Amplifier with Fully Discrete MOSFET Output makes sure you’ll feel every rumble and explosion in your best movies.

    My home theater experience with the SVS PC-2000 Pro was nothing but amazing.

    Even though it was small, this subwoofer produced deep, powerful bass that made movies and music more immersive.

    The Bluetooth control app made setting up and making changes very easy, and I could adjust the bass to my liking.

    The design and construction of the subwoofer are very high-end, and its ability to handle low frequencies with precision has really improved my home movie experience.


    • A floor-standing form that saves space.
    • It’s a powerful booster for bass that really hits.
    • Bluetooth controls the DSP, making it easy to change settings.
    • Construction and elements of high quality.
    • Wide frequency reaction for a wide range of sounds.


    • A low-end extension may be less than larger subwoofers.
    • It’s a higher price than smaller choices, but performance warrants it.

    SVS PC-2000 Pro

    • Down-firing 12 inch high-excursion SVS driver.
    • Powerful Sledge 550 watts RMS.
    • Frequency Response: 16-290 Hz ±3 dB.

    Comparison Table

    A comparison table of the three SVS subwoofers’ specs:

    SpecificationSVS SB-16 UltraSVS PB-4000SVS PC-2000 Pro
    Amplifier Power Rating (W RMS)1500 W1200 W550 W
    Amplifier Peak Power (W)5000 W4200 W1500+ W
    Driver Size (Inches)16″13.5″12″
    Voice Coil Size (Inches)8″3″Dual Layer
    Frequency Response (Hz)16 – 46013 – 200 (with 2 Ports Open)16 – 290
    Connectivity TechnologyBluetoothBluetoothBluetooth
    Subwoofer Diameter (Inches)16″13.5″12″
    Special FeaturesProtective Steel Mesh GrilleBass Boost, DisplayLightweight Aluminum Cone
    App ControlNoYesYes
    Weight (lbs)Not specified153 lbsNot specified
    Dimensions (H x W x D, inches)Not specified23.4 x 20.5 x 30Not specified



    What’s The Difference Between RMS Power And Pep Power In SVS Subwoofers?

    RMS power is the amount of power a speaker can handle continuously, while peak power is the most power it can handle for short bursts.

    For amplifier potential, it’s important to think about both.

    Which SVS Sub Is Best For Movies?

    The best SVS subwoofer for movies depends on your room size and budget. SVS offers a range of models suitable for home theater, but some popular choices for movies include the SVS PB-16 Ultra, SVS PB-4000, and SVS SB-3000.

    These models provide powerful and deep bass that enhances the cinematic experience. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your specific room and performance requirements.

    What Is The Best Sub For Home Theater?

    The best subwoofer for a home theater depends on various factors, including room size, budget, and personal preferences. SVS, as a brand, is well-regarded for home theater applications.

    In addition to SVS, other reputable brands like JL Audio, REL Acoustics, and KEF offer excellent options for home theater subwoofers.

    It’s essential to consider the size of your room and your desired bass impact when choosing the best subwoofer for your home theater.

    Are SVS Subs Worth The Money?

    SVS subwoofers are often considered worth the money due to their high-quality build, precise bass performance, and advanced features.

    They are known for delivering excellent value in their respective price ranges. However, whether they are worth the money for you depends on your budget, audio needs, and how much you value premium audio quality.

    Should I Leave My SVS Subwoofer On All The Time?

    Whether you should leave your SVS subwoofer on all the time depends on personal preference and usage patterns.

    SVS subwoofers are designed to be energy-efficient when in standby mode, so leaving them on continuously may not be necessary.

    Many users prefer to power their subwoofers on only when needed, such as during movie or music sessions, to conserve energy. However, some users who want constant low-frequency reinforcement in their room may choose to leave their subwoofers on. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your specific requirements.


    In-home theater, where every detail matters, this is the end of the search for the best SVS subwoofer for home theater fans.

    The SVS SB-16 Ultra, SVS PB-4000, and SVS PC-2000 Pro, which are our top picks, set a new standard for great sound.

    The SB-16 Ultra’s 16-inch driver gives it precision and power, while the PB-4000’s finesse and app-controlled flexibility make it stand out.

    The PC-2000 Pro is a great choice for those who want to save room because it is small and works very well.

    These subwoofers turn your home theater into a sound masterpiece, whether you want a bass that shakes the room or bass that is more subtle.

    With the best SVS subwoofers, you can take your fun to the next level and make every moment memorable.

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