Do You Need A Subwoofer For Gaming? (Explained!)

Is the hyper-realistic image on your screen accompanied by a flat sound from your speakers?

Do you feel immersed in shooters if you’re used to playing games with a lot of gunfire and explosions? Do you get a sense of it? Bass-heavy music or bass-heavy scenes?

If not, you might be missing a vital part of your system, which is a subwoofer, because a sub adds Low-end frequency response.

Subwoofers make the game much more interesting and fun, allowing you to physically feel the booming lows of every gunshot and the crackling highs of blasts.

Some speakers can handle mid-bass well, but they may not have the volume of mid-bass that a subwoofer can produce.

So, you’ll definitely need one for Gaming!

Why You Need A Subwoofer For Gaming? 

bookshelf speakers

Whether you need a subwoofer for Gaming is a matter of personal choice and financial constraints. But Your gameplay transforms into a real sonic experience when you add a powerful subwoofer.

That will suffice if you have a set of tall bookshelf speakers capable of reproducing bass well into the mid-bass range and a little bow.

However, if you have a small satellite-based speaker system, a subwoofer is required because the sub covers the bass response that the smaller satellites lack.

On the other hand, The lack of a dedicated subwoofer for the low end, means that bass effects will not be fully reproduced or felt.

A live-action situation in a video game with a good subwoofer is really impressive, The subwoofer’s bass will give a feeling of greater immersion and an enjoyable listening and playing experience. 

Due to their low output, self-powered speakers are unable to give you a realistic feel while Gaming. For that You might need to keep the subwoofer on the smaller side as well. Buy subwoofers of 50-60 watt so that the sub doesn’t overwhelm the speakers. 

What Does A Subwoofer Add To Gaming?

Subwoofers make the game much more interesting and fun, allowing you to physically feel the booming lows of every gunshot and the crackling highs of blasts.

Speakers exponentially increase the sound field, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game rather than just a small soundbox at the end of your ears.

The larger the subwoofer’s driver, the more bass is produced. Smaller subwoofer drivers only enhance mid-bass quality.

Suppose you have two subwoofers of the same brand with the same frequency response but with different driver sizes, one for 8 inches and the other for 10 inches.  Here, a loud explosion in a game sounds “better” on the 10-inch driver because of its larger size

Or the Gunshots in games produce some bass, but the sound isn’t as “loud and deep” as that of an explosion.

Your speakers only go down to about 60hz, so any of these subwoofers would work to give you a true end-to-end experience throughout the game.

A sub capable of higher notes will give it all a warmer (bassier) overtone, whereas a sub capable of midrange frequencies will just hit low notes and fill in the gaps in your bookshelves.

In addition, most subwoofers have a low-pass adjustment knob on the woofer (what frequency below which the sub fires). This lets you fine-tune the sub to fire exactly when you want it to (up to its specs).

Are Subwoofers Good For Gaming? 

Yes, they are beneficial in all situations and make a significant difference. Although the human ear cannot hear low frequencies very well, their sound and feel of them can be improved by using subwoofers, particularly in music, game, and movie sounds.

The subwoofers definitely give sound effects much more impact, particularly if you’re into FPS-type games with gunfire and explosions. You also get to feel the vibration of an explosion if you turn the subwoofer up!

In the same way, as a good music system works for playing audio, computer gaming needs a good audio setup, and a subwoofer is best for playing games rather than a standard set of computer speakers.

Which Video Games Need A Subwoofer?

The video games which need a subwoofer to play, giving you a great sound overall and a realistic feel, are the following:

  • Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game and has an awesome soundtrack for Gaming, and using subwoofers gives you a home theater feel.
  • Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game with a stellar video game history.
  • Planetside 2 is a vastly multiplayer online first-person shooter game that is available for free. When you add a subwoofer, it gives the sound a whole new dimension.
  • Battlefield is a first-person shooter video game franchise. You can actually feel the blast, Impressive and immersive sound, explosions, gunshots, grenades, the low rumble of planes flying over when a proper subwoofer is used.
  • Final Fantasy 7 is a fantastic video game with many good cinematic scenes with, a slow-mo house rumbling effect (you know, the one they use in all the action movies), and lots of explosions.

Furthermore,  you can use a subwoofer to get the best sound for any game you play, but playing my recommended games will undoubtedly provide you with an awesome soundtrack overall.

Our Best Pickups Of Subwoofers For Gaming!

We’ve selected the most authentic gaming speaker systems with subwoofers to help you get more bass and more enjoyment and immersion out of your gaming experience.

1-Cyber Acoustics 62W 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer

You have complete control over the speaker system with the Immersion Speaker System Control Pod.

For your phone, tablet, or gaming system, there’s an On/Off switch, LED power indicator, master and bass volume control, headphone output jack, and easy auxiliary input.

Speakers in the Sky Magnetically shielded two-way 2 inc titanium style high-efficiency drivers provide crisp, clean stereo separation in the CA-3610 satellites.

Subwoofer with a Bang The CA-3610s subwoofer, which is housed in an acoustically tuned wood cabinet and features a 5.25 inch Power Pro bass driver, provides a strong, profound rumbling experience no matter what you’re listening to.

This small system is sufficient for a bedroom, with the subwoofers supplying the full spectrum of sound.

This is the Perfect Gaming, Movie, Party, Multimedia Subwoofer Speaker System enhancing deep basses making you feel hyper-realistic while Gaming.


  • With a peak power of 62 watts, you can enjoy rich, pleasant sound while watching movies or playing games.
  • The speaker inputs’ multiple compatibility makes pairing with most devices simple.
  • The volume can be adjusted with help of a single sound control that is simple to use.


  • Cords are short in length.

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Edifier Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1: 

The Edifier S350DB is one of the finest 2.1 speakers, including a powerful subwoofer and two bookshelf speakers.

They come with a variety of options to connect as well as some impressive aesthetics.

This system delivers powerful audio performance whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or playing video games.

With a 15w treble output and a subwoofer with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 160 Hz, the sound output of this system is quite loud. The system produces well-balanced audio with fantastic clarity at all sound levels.

Through the optical connection, the S350DB performed admirably with Blu-ray audio. While playing your favourite games, robotic foot stomps and powerful blasts are produced with serious thunder.

Big bass fans will not be disappointed—the low frequency power is real but well-managed, ensuring that voices are not obfuscated.


  • Strong volume output, powerful bass depth, and clear highs.
  • There are a variety of connectivity options available, including Bluetooth.
  • Beautiful design.


  • There are no bass/treble controls on the remote.
  • It’s difficult to read the LED source indicator.

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Razer Nommo Pro:

Premium Audio THX Certified subwoofers which are tuned to bring out the speaker’s full potential. it has Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology which gives you a powerful cinematic immersion.

it is a down-firing subwoofer which can shake your desk, and can easily produce room-thumping low-end sound.

The LED-illuminated control pod allows you to quickly and easily adjust the volume or mute the speaker.

When it comes to gaming the subwoofer in the Nommo Pro makes Overwatch sound thunderous. Explosions threaten to tremble the walls, and gunfire packs a punch while maintaining the distinct sounds of each character’s weapons.

The separate tweeter on each satellite provides high-frequency response that the single driver on the the previous version Nommo Chroma can’t provide.

Hero dialogue and voice taunts come through clearly over the booming low end, thanks to the separate tweeter on each satellite providing high-frequency response.

The subwoofer can produce rich sound and has a peak power output of 300W, allowing you to enjoy a theater-like experience while playing games in a large room.

The system produces high-quality audio with deep bass and a well-balanced treble. Sound separation is incredible; it allows your ears to pick up on sound effects that you might have missed while watching movies or playing games in the past.


  • Sound with a lot of bass.
  • The music is crisp and clean.


  • For desktop speakers, they’re a bit pricey.
  • Sub-bass is emphasised a little too much in THX and Dolby sound modes.

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The above discussion concludes that subwoofers are absolutely necessary when it comes to experiencing effects like gunshots and explosions with a felt intensity while Gaming. 

if you use a sub for playing games with a lot of gunfire, bass-heavy music, and sound. It gives you feelings of immersion in shooters and much more

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