Jbl Vs Kicker Subwoofer: Which One Is Better?

Are you interested in purchasing a new subwoofer at this time? Have you made up your mind on which brand to purchase?

JBL and Kicker are two of the most well-known brands available today; nonetheless, the question remains: which of these two should you purchase?

In this article, we will evaluate the subwoofers produced by JBL and Kicker in order to assist you in making a decision on which brand is most suited to meet your requirements.

Jbl Vs. Kicker Subwoofer: Key Differences

Jbl Vs Kicker Subwoofer

1- Sound Quality

Kicker subwoofers are noted for producing bass that is both deep and strong. They often feature bigger cones and more watts than JBL subwoofers, which translates to the ability to withstand more power and generate a louder sound than JBL subwoofers.

Having said that, this does not necessarily imply that the sound quality of Kicker subwoofers is superior. Even while JBL subwoofers might not have quite as much bass as Kicker subwoofers, they are still able to produce sound of a very good quality.

In addition, the sensitivity ratings of JBL subwoofers are often greater than those of competing brands, which indicates that they are more effective at translating power into sound.

As a consequence of this, JBL subwoofers are frequently the finest option for customers who are looking for the highest possible sound quality.

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2- Frequency Response

The subwoofer is the component that is responsible for reproducing the lowest frequencies in the audio stream. These frequencies are what give the music its depth and strength. It is imperative that the frequency response be taken into consideration when selecting a subwoofer.

This is the frequency range that the subwoofer is able to reproduce with the highest degree of precision. Subwoofers are available from both JBL and Kicker in a wide range of frequency responses and configurations.

JBL subwoofers, in comparison to Kicker subwoofers, have a frequency response that is typically broader. This indicates that they are capable of reproducing a wider range of frequencies, which makes them more suited for music that has a lot of low-end energy than other types of music.

Subwoofers manufactured by Kicker, on the other hand, are often more powerful, making them better suited for music that has a lot of bass.

With that out of the way, let’s begin by comparing the frequency responses of subwoofers manufactured by JBL and Kicker. The frequency response of the EON ONE subwoofer manufactured by JBL is 37 Hz to 20 kHz, whereas the frequency response of the Comp RT subwoofer manufactured by Kicker is 35 Hz to 500 Hz.

The JBL subwoofer, as can be seen, possesses a frequency range that is far more extensive, which indicates that it is able to reproduce a greater variety of noises. When looking for a subwoofer, it is essential to consider the kind of music you enjoy listening to as well as the characteristics you want your sound system to have.

3- Build Quality

JBL subwoofers are difficult to top when it comes to the quality of their construction. They are built to withstand severe wear and tear thanks to their heavy-duty construction, and they are engineered to generate high-quality sound.

Subwoofers manufactured by Kicker are similarly of high quality, but due to their less robust construction, they are not as long-lasting as those manufactured by JBL.

Therefore, if you are searching for a subwoofer that is able to withstand extensive use, JBL is the brand that you should go for. Kicker, on the other hand, is a brand that should be taken into consideration if you want a subwoofer that does not blow your budget but still produces sound of remarkable quality.

4- Size

If you want to fill up the area inside of your huge SUV or vehicle, you’re going to need a subwoofer that packs a lot of punch. In this scenario, a subwoofer manufactured by Kicker would be the best option.

The JBL subwoofer is a great option to consider if your vehicle is on the smaller side or if you are looking to save some cash.

Your song will still have a substantial amount of bass added to it. There is a subwoofer available that will meet your needs, regardless of whether you prioritize power or cost-effectiveness in your system.

5- Performance

Kicker subwoofers are superior in terms of raw output power. If you’re want to pump up the volume, go no further than their subs, which can take more power than JBL subs. JBL subs, on the other hand, are only slightly less powerful, but they have better sound quality.

If you care more about how your music sounds than how loud it is, many experts agree that JBL is the way to go. Both brands provide excellent value for the money. Kicker subwoofers, however, are often less expensive than JBL subs.

Therefore, Kicker is the best option if you’re trying to save money. In terms of performance and value, you can’t go wrong with either JBL or Kicker. It’s possible that it won’t be as effective, but in the end, the choice comes down to personal taste.

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JBL Vs Kicker Subwoofer: Best Products

The following are the best products of these brands which we think are a must buy for you!

JBL LSR310S Subwoofer

Jbl Vs Kicker Subwoofer


The JBL LSR310S is a HIgh-quality subwoofer that can also be used in a home theater. It can provide deep bass tones thanks to its 10-inch woofer and 200-watt amplifier.

The crossover frequency of the LSR310S is also adjustable, letting you fine-tune the sound to your liking.

In addition, distortion is avoided even at high levels because to the subwoofer’s integrated limiter. If you need a decent subwoofer but don’t want to break the bank doing it, the LSR310S is a wonderful option.

Extended Low-Frequency (XLF) Speakers are a first for JBL. Changing the environment will allow you to hear your songs with the boosted bass tuning used in today’s dance venues.

Pros & Cons

  • 10-inch woofer for powerful bass
  • 200-watt amplifier for plenty of power
  • Adjustable crossover frequency for custom sound
  • Built-in limiter prevents distortion
  • Some users find the bass to be too overwhelming
  • XLF setting may not be to everyone’s taste

Kicker 43cwrt102 Comprt 10″ 2-Ohm Subwoofer

Jbl Vs Kicker Subwoofer


Those who wish to add a substantial amount of bass to their music will find that the Kicker CompRT is an excellent subwoofer to use. Because it has both a 10-inch woofer and an amplifier, it is considered to be one of the most powerful subs currently available.

The computer also features a crossover frequency that can be adjusted, giving you the ability to fine-tune the sound to meet your particular requirements.

In addition to that, the subwoofer comes equipped with an internal limiter that stops distortion from occurring at high levels. If you are looking for a powerful subwoofer at a reasonable price, CompRT is an excellent option to consider.

Pros & Cons

  • 10-inch woofer for powerful bass

  • 400-watt amplifier for plenty of power
  • Adjustable crossover frequency for custom sound
  • Built-in limiter prevents distortion
  • Some users find the bass to be too overwhelming
  • May not fit in all vehicles due to its size


Do Kicker Door Speakers Have Good Bass?

Yes, there is a nice amount of bass produced by Kicker door speakers. If, on the other hand, you want bass that packs a real punch, you’ll need to invest in a subwoofer.

Can I Use A Kicker Subwoofer With My Factory Car Stereo?

Yes, a Kicker subwoofer may be used with your OEM car radio if you so want. On the other hand, in order to get the most out of your subwoofer, you might require an amplifier.

Do I Need An Amplifier For My Kicker Subwoofer?

It depends. You won’t need an amplifier if you’re utilizing a powered subwoofer because it already has its own amplifier. You won’t need an amplifier if the subwoofer you’re using is passive, but if it is active, you will.

Are Kicker Speakers Any Good?

There’s no denying the quality of Kicker speakers. They have an excellent power handling capacity and sound quality. However, people who place a higher value on bass than any of the other aspects of sound quality should go elsewhere.

Are JBL Speakers Good In The Car?

It’s true that JBL speakers sound great in the automobile. They have a very high power handling capacity and superior sound quality. However, people who place a higher value on bass than any of the other aspects of sound quality should go elsewhere.


Both JBL and Kicker make excellent subwoofers that are certain to inject a significant amount of bass into the music you are listening to.

The Kicker CompRT is the best option to choose if you want unadulterated power from your subwoofer. If you care more about sound quality than anything else, then the JBL LSR310S is an excellent option for you.

However, considering the fact that both brands provide excellent value for the money, the decision ultimately boils down to one’s individual preferences. You are going to be pleased with your new subwoofer no matter which brand you decide to get it from.

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