Alpine Type R 12 Inch Subwoofer Review

The Alpine Type R 12-inch subwoofer is incredibly powerful and ranks among the best performers available at its price point.

The dual voice coils and quick push-open speaker wire connections of these subwoofers allow for a range of different wiring options. These subwoofers generate good, deep bass when used in conjunction with the appropriate amplifier and wiring.

When evaluating automobile sound systems, we focus on how long they will last, the quality of their construction, how easy they are to use, and how well they can carry out the tasks we require.

The sound quality demonstrates that the SWR-12D2 was constructed to an exceedingly high standard, which it did. And Not to mention the fact that this subwoofer is very attractive.

A comprehensive analysis of all of this subwoofer’s features and specifications can be found in the following paragraphs. Continue reading if you want to find out more!!

Alpine Type R 12 Inch Subwoofer Review: Key Highlights

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Those individuals who take pleasure in listening to music and are looking for an subwoofer that will maintain its quality over time while still producing a powerful bass and showing no signs of distortion. Then this subwoofer is for them!

Does Not Need An amp: The Alpine Type R subwoofer has two unique benefits over the majority of other car audio subs:

First, it is 12 inches in size, and second, It has a resistance of about 2 ohms, which is relatively low and means that it does not need an amplifier. That frees you from the burden of worrying about whether or not its impedance is compatible with that of your stereo.

The Type R has a cone design that weighs 8 pounds, which means that the bass does not appear to be overpowering, and the volume is satisfactory. If you have a decent car radio, then it will have a satisfying sound. Although it is not a 12-inch JBL subwoofer, it has a decent sound for the price.

Perfection in Music: No matter what type of music you are listening to, it will be amazing since it perfectly hits all ranges.

Built Like A Tank: Alpine crafted this beast to be a long-lasting addition to your collection. There are a lot of people in my social circle who have been booming this sub for more than three or four years.

Unbeatable Bass: You are getting a clean, crisp bass with ZERO distortions thanks to the 750 watts RMS that are being provided. The one I use has been around for over four years, yet it is still powerful and capable of withstanding heavy bass without surrendering to it.

Need A Lot Of Power: Prepare to deliver a power output of 5,000 watts. Not only that, but in order for it to perform to its full potential, you will also need to purchase the appropriate box.

This Alpine Type R sub has been put through its paces in the Ford F350 crew cab, the Chevrolet Silverado, and the Ram 1500 single cab.

This sub, in general, comes through with flying colors. Suppose you have an Alpine Type R sub. In that case, you will be able to experience excellent sound quality in every style of music you might ever listen to because it can handle all frequencies correctly. 

Bluetooth Connectivity: The Alpine Type R 12 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and its sound is well-balanced, high-quality, and impressively bassy. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX and AAC.

The speaker features a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 15 hours of playback in a continuous mode. Additionally, the speaker includes a single button that controls both the power and the Bluetooth connection.

Compact Size: Because of its small size, it is ideal for usage in tight spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, and the convenient carrying pouch that comes with the product makes You shouldn’t have any difficulty transporting it with you.

Non-Bluetooth Connectivity And Aux-in Port: We also liked that the Alpine Type R 12 was straightforward to set up and pair with our devices. Additionally, we appreciated that it contained an aux-in connector so that we could connect non-Bluetooth devices to it. 

How Does An Alpine R12 Subwoofer Work?

A multi-channel sound system cannot be created without the usage of a dedicated speaker known as a subwoofer. The majority of subwoofers have excellent designs for reproducing sounds at low frequencies.

The Alpine Type R 12 system produces sound by vibrating a cone made of aluminum or fiberglass. They reproduce the low-frequency sounds of bass music or movie sound.

In most cases, the cones are fabricated using metal; however, there are some examples of them being constructed utilizing fiberglass.

A speaker driver and a cone are necessary components in a subwoofer’s operation. The component of an electronic system that is commonly referred to as a speaker driver is a component that is responsible for transmitting electrical impulses in order to generate sound.

A piece of tough material, typically either aluminum or fiberglass, serves as the cone.

The cone is fastened to a cone motor that is supported by a material that is capable of absorbing shock. An amplifier provides the necessary power for the cone motor. The cone motor receives the electrical voltage that is sent by the amplifier.

After that, electrical signals are transmitted from the amplifier to the cone motor. The electrical voltage is then sent to the cone motor. Following this, the cone motor will move the cone, which in turn will move the electrical signals.

Vibrations are produced as a result of the movement of the cone. The amplifier is what picks up the sound waves from the speakers. The cones are responsible for picking up the sound vibrations.

What Are The Different Types Of Modes Offered By Alpine Type R 12?

A subwoofer of the type Alpine Type R 12 is versatile enough to handle a variety of musical styles. The latest Alpine subwoofers are the first in the series to be equipped with amplifiers that are built in. The volume as well as the mode of the subwoofer are both controlled by the amplifier.

You may reach a setting on the subwoofer that will filter the bass as well as adapt for the acoustics of the room when you use the modes.

There are a total of 5 distinct modes. In addition to the standard “Flat” setting, you can also choose from “Flat” (with an amplified bass), “Auto,” “Punch,” and “Flat” (Bass decrease). Bass is filtered in the “Flat” mode, and the volume isn’t cranked up.

The ‘Flat’ mode of the subwoofer is the one that should be utilized for the vast majority of applications that take place inside, while the ‘Flat (bass increase)’ and ‘Flat (bass decrease)’ modes should be used when there is a limited amount of room.

You can choose to use any one of these settings so that the sound will be optimized for the space you are in. Subwoofer

Why Are Alpine Type R 12 Subwoofers Called Cone Subwoofers?

Alpine SWR-12D2 Subwoofer is a piece of audio equipment that provides depth to the listening experience by producing lower tones in a sound wave. 

Subwoofers accomplish this by sending mechanical waves through a cone, which causes the cone to vibrate at very specific frequency ranges.

This, in turn, causes the vibrating cone to vibrate, which in turn emits moving air. The rumble that you hear in the background of music is caused by the air in the room moving around. Both cone and ported enclosures are utilized in the construction of Alpine SWR-12D2 Subwoofers; nevertheless, these two types of enclosures serve distinct purposes.

As their name suggests, the sound is reproduced by cone subwoofers, which employ a cone to do it. Ported subwoofers are sealed boxes, which means that they are built in a way that prohibits moving air from entering or departing the enclosure at any point during the manufacturing process.

Ported subwoofers generally provide a sound that is both deeper and more powerful. Although they are typically more expensive, the quality of sound that they produce is superior.

They also require more space to store. Cone subwoofers are typically more affordable and require less storage space than other types.

However, they produce a less intense sound than ported subwoofers and are, therefore, more suited for use in smaller rooms. Additionally, cone subwoofers have a tendency to wear out more quickly than ported subwoofers.

A sound amplifier known as an Alpine SWR-12D2 subwoofer is installed beneath your vehicle’s seats and is responsible for producing bass from the audio system in your vehicle.

Alpine Type R 12 Inch Subwoofer Review: Appearance And Specs

Class D power amp

The 12-inch Type R includes a Class D power amp that is rated at 250 watts and can handle an RMS power output of up to 1000 watts. In addition to that, it is capable of managing up to 3000 watts of power at its peak, and its frequency response spans from 24 Hz to 200 Hz.

This speaker offers a fantastic music experience thanks to its expanded frequency range, as well as its carefully controlled bass and treble response.

Each Type R woofer comes equipped with a pure aluminum dome tweeter measuring 1 inch in diameter and long throw dynamic mid drivers measuring 4.5 inches.

In addition, the Type R 12 box includes a tweeter made of pure aluminum measuring 1 inch in diameter, long throw dynamic mid drivers measuring 4.5 inches, and a subwoofer measuring 10 inches.

The remarkable 300 watt RMS 10-inch class D amplifier powers the subwoofer, which also includes an aluminum cone with a rubber surround and is 10 inches in diameter.

Alpine Type R 12 Subwoofer: Dimensions

  • 6.375 inches is the depth required for mounting.
  • 10.875 inches is the diameter needed for mounting.
  • 0.10 cubic feet of space occupied by the object
  • The extra volume equal to 0.09 cubic feet

Alpine Type R 12: Features We Like

  • 12-inch subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils and 750 watts RMS power
  • Dual 2-ohm voice coils
  • Kevlar reinforced pulp cone 
  • HAMR Santoprene rubber surround
  • 2-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Pros & Cons

Pros Of Alpine Type R 12:
  • People mistakenly believe there are two 12″ in the trunk because it’s that powerful.
  • There are no distortions, and it is extremely accurate in its reproduction of all the sounds.
  • Superior constructional quality.
  • Size and weight
  • Excellent bass response
  • Simple to put in place
Cons Of Alpine Type R 12:
  • Possibly Very Costly
  • You need the appropriate box to get the best possible performance out of it.

Alpine Type R 12 Subwoofer: Tips For Maximizing Performance

If you own an Alpine SWR-12D2 subwoofer, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance from it. The following is a list of advice that will assist you in doing exactly that.

First things first, check to see that your subwoofer has sufficient power. For optimal performance, it requires a significant amount of power, so check that it is receiving the appropriate amount of juice. Second, make sure that the crossover frequency is correctly adjusted.

The subwoofer will begin to play lower frequency sounds at the point that has been determined to be the crossover frequency. If it is set too low, the subwoofer will attempt to play all of the frequencies, which will result in a sound that is not as nice as it should be.

Third, ensure that the enclosure you use for your subwoofer is the appropriate size. If the enclosure is not large enough, the subwoofer will not be able to produce the amount of bass that it is capable of.

Why Do Audiophiles Love Alpine Type R 12 Subwoofer?

When it comes to selecting subwoofers, audiophiles frequently agree that the Alpine SWR-12D2 is the model that offers the most value.

This is due to a number of different factors. To begin, the Alpine SWR-12D2 is equipped with a motor that is of very high power. Because of this, it is able to reproduce low frequencies with a high degree of precision.

Second, the Alpine SWR-12D2 has a cone area that is significantly larger than average. This indicates that it is capable of moving a significant amount of air, which is essential for reproducing low frequencies.

Lastly, the Alpine SWR-12D2 is constructed using components of exceptionally high quality throughout. This ensures that it will continue to sound wonderful even after it has been used for many years.

Our Final Thoughts On The Alpine Type R 12″ Subwoofer

When it comes to writing a review, there isn’t a whole lot that can be written about subwoofers. However, I find it interesting to discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks I encounter while installing them.

When it comes to simplicity of installation, the Alpine Type R 12-inch subwoofer is on par with other popular brands like Kicker and Sundown, as well as Pioneer subwoofers. It has the ability to fit into any subwoofer enclosure extremely well, and it also doesn’t look too awful!

The push terminals are the very first aspect of these subwoofers that piqued my interest and ultimately won me over.

A set of jumpers is included with the subwoofer. These jumpers allow the voice coils to be wired in either series or parallel, which can either increase or decrease the resistance load, respectively.

The backside of these exquisitely made push terminals is where these wires link to one another.

The jumpers are really helpful in terms of convenience. They secure themselves by sliding straight into the bottom of the terminals, while the speaker wire coming from the amplifier is threaded directly into the front side of the terminal.

This makes it much simpler and cleaner to install your subwoofers, and it also makes troubleshooting a lot more effective.

Another thing about these woofers that really appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities is the beautiful ring that covers the screw holes. After installing the Alpine type R to the enclosure, you can hide the unsightly screw holes with the provided beauty ring in a manner that is not difficult at all, and then it will look completely flawless.


How Many Watts Are Alpine Type R 12s?

The sound quality and power handling capabilities of the 12-inch Type R subwoofers manufactured by Alpine are excellent.

These subwoofers are able to withstand a significant amount of power thanks to their peak power rating of 2250 watts.

They are also quite sensitive, which means that they will be able to reproduce even the deepest bass notes with relative ease. The Alpine Type R 12 is an excellent choice for a subwoofer because it is both strong and accurate in its reproduction of low frequencies.

Are Alpine Subs Any Good?

Alpine Electric is the parent company of the sub-brand known as Alpine. Bruce Fenstermaker is the man responsible for establishing Alpine. There are two varieties of subs. The subwoofers are either 10 inches or 12 inches in diameter.

Alpine subs are enjoyable, despite the fact that many individuals hold opposing opinions regarding them. There are those who believe Alpine subwoofers are overly loud, while others believe they are just the right amount of noise.

Alpine subs come in many hues. While some Alpine subs are white, others are black, and Alpine also makes subs that are grey. Speakers included in Alpine subwoofers are of high quality. Alpine subs are particularly durable.


In all seriousness, the Alpine Type R subwoofer is a thing of beauty. The 750 watts RMS output produces a bass that is clean and crisp, and, more importantly, it hits every note with remarkable precision. And would you believe it? It sounds incredible, even at low frequencies as well!

The Alpine Type R 12 Inch 2250 Watt Max 2 Ohm Round Car Audio Subwoofer (2 Pack) is a subwoofer that comes in at a very reasonable price while delivering excellent performance.

It has a Kevlar reinforced pulp cone and HAMR Santoprene rubber surround, and it has a woofer that is 12 inches in diameter with dual voice coils that are 2 ohms each with RMS power of 750 watts.

People who are concerned about their spending limits should strongly consider purchasing the Alpine subwoofer because it is simple to set up and produces excellent bass.

Both in terms of its construction and the manner in which it carries out its duties with regard to bass reproduction, it is aesthetically pleasing, powerful, and efficient.

We have gotten the Alpine Type R owner’s handbook for you to check over in case you have any in-depth inquiries concerning this device. Feel free to look it over at your convenience.

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