15 Best 18-Inch Competition Subwoofers

If you want a speaker that produces the lowest and deepest bass imaginable and moves a lot of air, and provides a listening experience that every audio enthusiast can feel echo through their bones, you should think about purchasing an 18-inch subwoofer that is not difficult to set up and consistent with the noise ordinances in your area.

These 18-inch subs are unparalleled in terms of power and depth, producing enormous volumes of sound that are audible from several metropolis blocks away.

We’ve created a ranking of the top 18-inch subwoofers currently on the market to make it select the model that most closely matches your demands will be simpler for you.

You need to make a sensible selection, and the information that we have provided in this article about the features and benefits of each of these subwoofers will help you do just that.

Best 18-Inch Competition Subwoofers

The best 18-Inch competition subwoofers that will not affect the smooth running of the car and are also energy-efficient are listed here.

  1. CT Sounds TROPO-18-D 4 18-Inch Car Subwoofer.
  2. Gemini Sound ZRX-S18P Professional Powered Subwoofer
  3. Harmony Audio HA-ML181
  4. Seismic Audio Powered 18-Inch Line Array Subwoofer.
  5. Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Powered Subwoofer
  6. Rockville PBG18 18″ Pro Audio Subwoofer
  7. RCF L18P300 18-Inch Car and DJ Woofer
  8. DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker
  9. Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 Car Subwoofer
  10. Skar Audio EVL-18
  11. B&C 18IPAL Neodymium Subwoofer
  12. Rockville RVW1800P4 1800w Raw DJ Subwoofer
  13. Sundown Audio U-18 D2 Subwoofer
  14. JBL Professional EON618S Portable Self-Powered Subwoofer
  15. Lanzar DCT A18D

1-CT Sounds TROPO-18-D4 18-Inch Car Subwoofer:

The CT Sounds TROPO-18-D4 18-Inch Car Subwoofer allows you to gaze into the environment by delivering the bass you require without breaking the budget.

The CT Sounds Tropo 18 is the ideal complement for filling in the lows in your sound or driving your neighbors insane. The subwoofer is the most powerful subwoofer for automotive or home theater systems.

It has a 3-inch – 4 Layer High-Temperature Copper Voice Coil, a Double Slug Y30 Grade Optimized Motor, a Flexible High Foam Surround, and a 3% Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cone, and twin round weaved copper tinsel leads.

Impedance4 ohms 
Peak Power1300 Watts
RMS Power650 Watts
Mounting Depth8.11”
Frequency Response25.8
Size 18”
Dimensions 20.5 x20.5 x11.75 inches
Weight 31 pounds.

Custom Vented Enclosure:

Unlike many component subwoofers, the CT Sounds 18-inch Car Subwoofer is designed for free-air installation. Not everyone has the knowledge or desire to construct their own subwoofer speaker enclosure.

Although, like other speakers, the CT Sounds 18-inch Car Subwoofer performs best in an enclosure, it is made of sturdy, long-lasting materials that allow it to perform well in the open air.

The enclosure ensures that you get the right amount of deep and precise bass for your favorite movies and tunes. It is also pre-wired, making it simple to install in your car or wherever you desire.

Ideal Frequency:

It is one of the competition subwoofers that offer a wide variety of frequencies. You may sit anywhere and enjoy exceptional sound clarity and excellent bass from 20Hz to 500Hz.

You may adjust it at 25 Hz for a more realistic bass, as we experienced. Furthermore, because of the shallow mounting depth, you can easily install these subs in your vehicle.

Unique Appearance:

This CT Sounds TROPO-18-D4 comes with high-quality components like a Stamp Steel Basket.

Surrounded by high durable treated foam, Double Stitched Treated, Competition Grade Paper Cone – Polypropylene and Nylon Fabric, Poly-Cotton Blend Spider, Copper Tinsel Lead, 3″ Dual, High-temperature Voice Coil, Y35 Grade Double Stack Ferrite Magnet, 12 GA Speaker connector with Cutout diameter: 419mm / 16.5″.

Overall diameter: 460mm / 18.1″ and Mounting Depth 198mm / 7.8″ which can provide you with an earth-shaking bass. 

Purchase decision:

CT Sounds provide the most excellent quality, performing, and dependable subwoofers on the market at an affordable price. CT Sounds is recognized for its Quality-Performance-Reliability at low rates. Therefore it comes highly recommended to me since I have used it in my car.


  • Produce High Sound Resonance 
  • Experience Clean sound without distortions
  • Handles Tremendous Power at high volumes. You’ll be BLOWN AWAY
  • Classic Competition Design with NO GIMMICKS
  • Produces Deep Low Notes with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Advanced Air Flow Cooling Design

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2-Gemini Sound ZRX-S18P Pro Powered Subwoofer:

This powerful, front-firing active subwoofer delivers rich, gratifying low-end reinforcement to even the most economical performers.

The Gemini ZRX-S18P subwoofer features an 18-inch high-excursion driver with a 3-inch high-temperature voice coil, resulting in a rapid and distinct transient response for all of your demanding performances.

Its Class D amplifier produces an astonishing 3,000 watts of continuous output. It will be possible for you to experience your music in ways that you have never experienced before.

Peak Power3000 Watts
RMS Power1600 Watts
Maximum SPL130 db
Frequency Response40-200 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions23.62 x 20.47 x 25.2 inches


The Gemini ZRX-S18P 18″ Professional Powered Subwoofer is engineered for versatility and performance across a wide range of applications.

A powerful three-digital amplifier and a lightweight ZRX-S18 feature a durable painted casing that makes it ideal for use in a nightclub, at a party, or anywhere else where low-frequency reinforcement is necessary. This subwoofer is a beautiful option to consider for use in any environment.


An enormous 3000W class D digitally driven amplifier slices through crowds while retaining the refined performance quality that professionals demand.

It provides an exceptional low-frequency response with minimum breakdown and distortion, resulting in the most profound and cleanest bass conceivable. The 18″ woofer includes a 3″ high-temperature voice coil with a massive amount of excursion to give powerful heart-pounding bass below 40Hz at more than 130db SPL.


The ZRX-S18P exceeds all performance expectations. It comes with a comprehensive set of connectors, including full range left and right inputs and pass-throughs, as well as a set of 120Hz high pass outputs for versatility.

We didn’t stop there, though. The ZRX-S18P has a substantial 24bit/96KHz DSP with live, monitor, and DJ presets, as well as controls for phase, master volume, and a peak limiter LED. This subwoofer is ideal for any setting.


This active audio speaker contains a switchable High-Pass filter and Phase Control, Master Volume, Line, and Link IN XLR Connectors, XLR Output, AC Input with Multi-Voltage capabilities, and an XLR Output.

The Ultra-rigid cabinet has integrated side handles and a pole attachment for installing a power top. With its stand-mountable features, it is ideal for simple installation in confined spaces. No matter how complicated your speaker rocks, your sound will always be crystal clear.


  • Self-Powered Subwoofer
  • XLR Inputs/Outputs
  • M20 Pole Mount
  • Side Handles
  • Led Indicators For Peak And Power
  • Multiple Voltage 110 Volts To 240 Volts 

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3-Harmony Audio HA-ML181 Competition SPL 18″ Sub Subwoofer:

The Harmony audio HA-ML181 is a sturdy 18-inch subwoofer that offers consistent low-end characteristics with ease. It has a maximum output of 3,500 watts and is unrivaled in terms of performance and dependability.

This makes it Harmony Audio’s most incredible SPL rating 18-inch subwoofer. This 18-inch speaker has been carefully engineered to endure abuse. It also performs well at the most significant output power levels, making it a potent and dependable subwoofer.

I’ve had this sub for four months. Really thrashed the heck out of it. At 2000 RMS, it’s pretty comfy. Put it in a 3.6 cubic foot box and tune it to 30hz to see how well it reaches that frequency. This is a serious sub that will dispel any reservations you have about it by pounding the back of your head.

Voice coil Dual 1 ohm
Peak Power3500 Watts
RMS Power1750 Watts
Mounting Depth12 inch
Frequency Response30-300 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 17 inch

Interwoven Leads:

The Harmony Audio HA-ML181 features interwoven tinsel leads that link the voice coil to the input terminal, causing the cone to slam against the authorities and create a pop noise while the subwoofer is playing.

The benefit of interwoven tinsel leads is greater longevity and performance, which is what Harmony Audio is all about.

Ideal Frequency:

The frequency range of these subwoofers is 30-300Hz. This power is fantastic for generating extremely significant bass and loud music for your parties and home theater. Every time you play them, you get a booming sound.

Purchase Decision:

The greatest enemy of a vehicle audio subwoofer is heat, which must be swiftly dispersed for the sub to work correctly and is critical to extending the life of the subwoofer since heat damages it.

The huge slotted vents right beneath the spider on the Harmony Audio series subs let cold air swiftly reach all of the delicate components.


  • Remote Bass Control Knob with Power Indicator LED
  • HA-EASY Speaker Wire to RCA Adapter to Simplify Installation.
  • Competition Grade Paper Cone
  • Stitched High Roll Foam Surround
  • Tinsel Leads Woven into Spider
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Basket
  • High Flux Ferrite Magnet

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4-Seismic Audio XLP-18A Line Array Subwoofer

The Seismic Audio SAXLP Series of Powered Line Array Speakers blends the power and prestige of line array systems in a portable and cost-effective active line array system.

The Seismic Audio SAXLP-18A Powered 18-inch Line Array Subwoofer contains an 18″ subwoofer and works at 600 watts program and 1200 watts peak output. These Line Array Subwoofers are wired at 8 Ohms and have a frequency response of 35Hz – 300 Hz, ensuring that deep bass is laid down!

Impedance8 OHMS
Peak Power1200 WATTS
RMS Power600 WATTS
Mounting TypeFloor Standing
Frequency Response35-300 HZ
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 29.5 x 24.5 x 24.5 inch


The SAXLP-18A Active Line Array Subs are made entirely of birch plywood and feature a tough and long-lasting painted texture covering.

Suspension pieces of high-intensity aluminum can be hung from the ceiling or a structure. These active Line Array subwoofers include pole mounting and may also be readily floor installed.

Ideal Frequency: 

It operates at a frequency that is optimal, which ranges anywhere from 35 to 300 Hz. They do not produce any noise as a result of the shielding. The sound quality that it delivers is phenomenal, and you really can’t ask for much more than that.


  • Line Array Sound Reinforcement
  • Active / Passive: Active (Powered)
  • Balanced XLR full range line level output
  • Class AB Amplifier with the cooling fan

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5-Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Powered Subwoofer

The sound town METSIS-18SPW2.1 is a powerful yet portable subwoofer that delivers earth-shaking punchy lows to your live rig. Our top option for powered subwoofers with a built-in Class-D amplifier.

This lightweight subwoofer delivers a powerful punch, making it suitable for use on the road or as a Public address system at social events. In terms of total loudness and power, the Powered Subwoofer dominates.

It can provide 700 Watts RMS and 2400 Watts peak power. If you want a powerful subwoofer with a genuinely thunderous sound, this is the option for you.

Impedance8 ohms
Peak Power2000 Watts
RMS Power500 Watts
Mounting35mm pole mount
Frequency Response35-500 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 24.8 x 23.8 x 27.2 inch


The METIS-18SPW2.1 subwoofer enclosure from Sound Town features 5/8″ plywood front and back panels that house a powerful amp inside. The cabinet is made of durable, high-quality components that will resist extended trips.

This enclosure avoids distortion even at high output levels and produces excellent sound quality. It also has two XLR/TRS combination inputs and two XLR/Speaker outputs, allowing it to accept practically anything and making connectivity a delight.

Massive Bass:

The Sound Town sub driver offers robust and powerful bass and low frequencies down to 35 Hz. The 3″ voice coil contributes to the subwoofer’s pounding bass and powerful low-end frequencies.

Adding a low-pass filter and polarity switch to an already excellent subwoofer makes it incredibly effective and appropriate for any PA application, including DJs, clubs, weddings, schools, and religious events.

Two speaker outputs:

With a built-in 3-channel amplifier (RMS: 1 x 500W and 2 x 125W; Peak: 1 x 2000W and 2 x 250W) and 2-channel satellite speaker outputs, Daisy chaining extra passive speakers with an output of up to 250 watts per channel is a simple and straightforward process.

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6-Rockville PBG18 18″ Pro Audio Subwoofer

The Rockville PBG18 professional subwoofer offers 2000 watts peak power, 1000 watts RMS, a 4″ KSV voice coil, and a vented enclosure for optimum bass response. It also produces high-quality audio equipment for use at home and at events.

Impedance8 ohms 
Peak Power2000 Watts
RMS Power1000 Watts
Mounting typePole Mount
Frequency Response35-4khz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 20.47 x 24.41 x 26.38 inches


The Rockville PBG18 18-inch Pro Subwoofer is a subwoofer that features a cabinet that is totally enclosed. With great power at an exceptional price.

The enclosure is made of a material known as particle board. It is also composed of MDF, which has a far longer lifespan than particle board. Better sound equals higher quality wood!

Frequency Response:

The sole limitation of the PBG18 is its frequency response. You’ll miss out on a lot of the most profound, lowest bass notes featured in Hip Hop and Rap music since the subwoofer only reaches down to 35Hz.

Furthermore, middle notes tend to sound muffled. As a cheap alternative for a best 18 subwoofer, this is easily solved by the use of a strong mixer, which may assist to clarify and adjust the sound to fit all of your favorite musical genres.

Purchase Decision:

This subwoofer is our top pick for budget cabinet subwoofers because it has all of the aesthetic aspects we expect from high-end versions at a fraction of the price.

Because the PBG18 has a high sensitivity rating, even if you don’t have a high-quality amplifier, you can receive a lot of basses. Customers that buy the Rockville PBG18 18-inch Pro appreciate one of its primary benefits, which is that it can be used for live gig settings in addition to residential speaker systems.

This versatility is one of the product’s most notable selling points. This subwoofer is very easy to transport from venue to venue, thanks to the ergonomic handles.

While the robust pole mount and rubber feet keep it secure regardless of power level. These characteristics are excellent for aspiring or struggling artists who will value the adaptability of a subwoofer that can be used for rehearsal, home listening, and live performances.


  • High-density, High-quality Non-resonant MDF.
  • Stapled, Bonded, and Braced ergonomic handles.
  • Aviation Grade black carpet
  • Rubber isolating feet

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7-RCF L18P300 18-Inch Car and DJ Woofer

The RCF L18P300 is renowned for its durability, and even when pushed to its limits, It will continue to be of service to you for quite some time.

If you’re looking for a sturdy 18-inch automotive subwoofer with excellent sound quality, the RCF L18P300 subwoofer is worth considering.

The RCF L18P300 is a decent vehicle sub with a power output of 2000 W. When properly positioned while listening to your favorite music, this subwoofer provides high-quality sound. Even at low volumes, the beats created by this sub will be audible.

Impedance8 Ohms
Peak Power2000 W
RMS Power1000 W
Frequency Response35-1000 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 10.63 x 20.47 x19.49 inches


  • The robust magnetic unit, with 15 mm thick plates and precisely built suspensions, offers an outstanding amplitude control of more than 12 millimeters.
  • The unique cooling system with forced air ventilation provides efficient heat dissipation while using less power compression.
  • Massive RMS power may be handled via voice coil architecture, suspensions, and cone materials.
  • The L18P300 is most useful in bass reflex and bandpass systems. Its ability to reproduce extremely low frequencies with exceptional clarity makes it a preferred woofer in its category, suitable for both live and recorded music.


  • Forced air ventilation and 15mm top plate for minimum power compression
  • Dual spider design with silicone based dampening control
  • M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry
  • It can be installed in the bass reflex

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8-DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker


The DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker is the most powerful and dangerous of all SPL competition subwoofers. It’s a strong beast aimed squarely at car audiophiles. It is not for those who are easily discouraged.to purchase a subwoofer that has a power output of 7500 W; may cause issues with your neighbors or law enforcement.

Impedance2 ohm
Peak Power7500 W
RMS Power5000 W
SPL170 db
Frequency Response32-5khz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 21.61 x 21.1 x 19.49 inches

Purchase Decision:

This is the top of the line, with over 7500 watts of power and a noise level of over 170dB. The DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker does exactly what its name suggests: it wreaks havoc.

This high-end subwoofer will ensure that you break all competition records. With a power handling capability of 7,500 watts, this is perhaps one of the most powerful and outstanding subwoofers available.

In terms of specifications, this is the best 18-inch subwoofer on the market. All of that luxury, though, will come at a cost. Therefore, if you desire each and every bell and whistle, and you have the money, I heartily recommend this.


  • 6 High Strength Neodymium Magnets
  • 4″ Black Aluminum 6-Layer Voice Coil
  • 6-Layer Spider

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9-Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 Car Subwoofer

The Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 D1 18-inch subwoofer is an unbeatable powerhouse driver in terms of performance and dependability.

The ZVX-18v2 is the ideal blend of compactness and power, with a 3,200 watt maximum power rating. This 18-inch SPL subwoofer was designed to resist harsh everyday use while functioning effectively at maximum output power levels.

Impedance2 ohms
Peak Power3200 W
RMS Power1600 W
Mounting Depth
Frequency Response
Size 18 inch

Frequency Response:

To generate powerful bass, a massive triple slug magnet is coupled with a competition-grade paper cone, a 3-inch high-temp voice coil frequency response, and a roll-up form factor rim. With a maximum subwoofer output of 3200 watts, it is the bass output leader among big automobile subwoofers. 

The ZVX-18v2 provides accessible low-end dynamic frequencies at this degree of power control. It is the pinnacle of what Skar Audio offers car radio aficionados.

The Skar Audio ZVX-18v2 moves massive volumes of air by pumping out the rhythms, so anticipate some deep bass from this subwoofer, and it’s a subwoofer worth any vehicle audio system, thanks to its performance, dependability, and price point.

Purchase decision:

It is steady, powerful, and produces excellent results even at high levels. The premium-quality paper cone and high-roll foam rim for competitive use of the ZVX-18v2 allow it to generate clear, low-frequency beats.

The 1600W RMS power output is no joke, and the subwoofer’s components are of unrivaled quality. If you want excellent vehicle audio bass, don’t pass up the opportunity that Skar Audio offers with this fantastic subwoofer.


  • Massive Triple Stack Magnet
  • High Temperature 3″ 8-layer Copper Voice Coil

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10-Skar Audio EVL-18 D2

The Skar Audio EVL-18 D2 18-inch dual 2-ohm subwoofer redefines the concept of low-end sound reproduction. Due to a number of unique, sophisticated design elements that place this subwoofer in a class of its own, the EVL-18 can provide highly precise and powerful bass.

Impedance2 ohms
Peak Power2500 W
RMS Power1250 W
Mounting Depth10.24 inches
Frequency Response31 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 20.75 x 20.75 x 14.25 inches


The Skar Audio EVL-18 subwoofer has a beautiful design that not only makes it long-lasting but also gives it an air of refinement and sophistication.

The EVL-18 D2 has a large high flux, double stack ferrite motor construction that offers the driving force behind the tremoring lows this subwoofer can create.

It is conservatively rated at 2,500 watts peak output. When you combine the motor with the black coated 3″ high temperature voice coil of this driver, as well as the sophisticated airflow cooling design of the basket, it’s easy to see why this woofer can be played at maximum output for hours on end.


One of the reasons this subwoofer can create ultra-low-end frequencies with such responsiveness is because of the high roll foam surround integrated into its construction.

This subwoofer’s suspension design incorporates the EVL’s characteristic red, single damper, two-layer spider, which is connected to the coil former through premium stitched lead wires.

These wonderful characteristics make the EVL subwoofer the unquestionable option for a high-quality automobile subwoofer. The incredible bass it creates will wow you.


  • Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
  • High Roll Foam Surround
  • Advanced Air Flow Cooling System

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11-Rockville RVW1800P4 Raw DJ Subwoofer

The Rockville RVW1800P4 has a maximum power handling of 900 watts and an RMS power handling of 1800 watts. This 18-inch subwoofer delivers superb audio quality while still being relatively powerful.

These extra-long throw woofers can achieve incredible sound pressure levels of 105db with clean, deep bass down to 20 Hz that will rumble the walls of any arena!

Impedance4 ohms
Peak Power1800 W
RMS Power900 W
Frequency Response20-500 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 20.5 x 20 x 11.5 inches
Mounting Depth7.36 inches

Frequency Response:

Regarding home audio system quality, its frequency response range of 20 Hz to 1000 Hz, which is significantly higher than most other competition records on the market, enables it to provide detailed audio output.

Heat pump effect: 

This subwoofer has a built-in heat pump effect via the basket cooling system beneath the spider landing, which will cool down your woofer if your music becomes too hot.

The constant air flow via the pole piece distributes cold air straight to the voice coil. This integrated cooling system regulates woofer temperature, improving power management and, of course, dependability.

Tinsel frame: 

This subwoofer’s high-tinsel rolled steel chassis is strong and sturdy, keeping the cone and magnet in perfect linear alignment. Furthermore, the frame includes anti-vibration capabilities, ensuring that no extraneous tones enter your music via the metal sections.


  • Expanded and Rolled Steel Basket
  • Ultra Saturated, High BL Magnetic Motor Gap
  • 3“ High Temperature 4-Layer CCAW High SPL Voice Coil
  • Linear Progressive Conex Dual Spider System
  • Nickel Plated Banana Plug Terminals

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12-B&C 18IPAL Neodymium Subwoofer

The B&C 18IPAL Neodymium Subwoofer is a premium high-end loudspeaker designed for bass players who need the best sound and build quality and are willing to pay for 18-inch subwoofers.

It has a 4.5-inch split copper voice coil in a fiberglass former and an aluminum demodulation ring to assist minimize distortion. Furthermore, it has a vented voice coil space, which lowers power compression.

Impedance2 ohms
Peak Power3400 w
RMS Power1700 W
Sensitivity97 db
Frequency Response32-1000 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 18 x 5 x 18

Purchase decision: 

This subwoofer’s ability to considerably reduce power compression is thanks in large part to its vented air space as well as its assembly of neodymium magnets.

This subwoofer will not disappoint you in terms of its performance, in addition to having a design that is pleasing to the eye.


  • Double silicon spider with optimized compliance.
  • A gap with ventilation in the voice coil, results in a lower power compression.
  • Ring made of aluminum that demodulates sound with minimal distortion.
  • TWP Waterproof cone treatment

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13- Sundown Audio U18 D2 Subwoofer

The Sundown Audio U-18 D2 is another excellent subwoofer built to deliver a deep punch when listening to music in your vehicle. When utilized in the appropriate enclosure, this subwoofer generates high-clarity rhythms with no distortions.

This subwoofer is a brand-new Sundown Audio product that took a year to develop and is sure to fulfill the requirements of the most ardent bass enthusiasts.

Impedance2 ohms
Peak Power3000 W
RMS Power1500 W
Sensitivity 92.3 db
Frequency Response31.3 hz
Size 18 inch


The 18-inch subwoofer has various unique features, such as the cone body and surrounds, that set it different from other subs. As a consequence, if you are searching for a custom subwoofer capable of producing earth-shattering bass, the sundown audio U18 D2 is a sub worth considering.

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14-JBL Professional EON618S Portable Self-Powered Subwoofer

When shopping for a high-end audio system, JBL is the brand of choice, whether you’re searching for an 18-inch subwoofer or a subwoofer for your vehicle. Sound quality, which is always superb when it comes to a JBL sound system, is the most important factor in the company’s success.

Because it utilizes high-end JBL drivers, this portable subwoofer with an 18-inch driver provides you with a maximum output of 1000 watts.

The fact that such a potent subwoofer (providing such deep bass) is so light and easy to move may come as a surprise to some people, but the fact that it has these characteristics makes it ideal for live performances or parties.

Because it is Bluetooth-enabled, you will have no trouble connecting it to your smartphone or other media player.

Peak Power1000 
SPL134 db
Frequency Response31-150 hz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 22.9 x 26.3 x 25.4 inch


Permit this supercharged sub to give your system the bass boost it so sorely needs to function properly. The JBL EON618S, which is a part of the EON600 series and is made available by JBL Professional, has exceptional bass as a result of the high-quality components that it makes use of as well as the effective sound design that it implements.

As soon as you take this subwoofer out of its package and look at the long-lasting Duraflex casing, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that this is an honest endeavor to produce bass.

  • Duraflex coated plywood enclosure
  • Front power LED 
  • Bluetooth connectivity

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15-Lanzar DCT A18D

 This 18-inch automobile subwoofer has a power range of 300 Watt RMS to 600 Watt peak, which will result in a high sound resonance. It has a total of 600 Watt power. It has an impedance of 4 ohms.

  • IB OPEN AIR: Designed to function as an IB open air subwoofer, which, when paired with a high-power automobile audio amplifier, is capable of delivering exceptional bass sound quality. It is possible to install…
  • NON-PRESSED PAPER CONE: It is a well-designed automobile subwoofer that features a large foam surround and a non-pressed paper cone that is black in color. It will make the car radio sound better…
Impedance4 ohms 
Peak Power600 watts
RMS Power300 watts
Mounting Depth7.33 inches
Frequency Response30-1.8 kHz
Size 18 inch
Dimensions 22.9 x 35.8 x 14.3 inches

The Lanzar DCT A18D is, without a doubt, the most cost-efficient model that is currently on the market. Yes, the music quality is exceptional, and yes, it is an 18-inch speaker; nevertheless, the power output is significantly lower than that of its rivals.

These speakers, on the other hand, have the advantage of not having an enclosure box so that they can be installed wherever in the vehicle. This is a significant benefit.

Because of this, setting them up is far simpler when compared to the procedures required by the other options on this list. This 18-inch subwoofer offers the greatest level of portability.


If you want to be sure that you are getting the most value for your money, purchasing the Lanzar DCTOA18D is the best 18-inch subwoofer that you can buy.

If you want to know for sure that you are getting the best deal possible on a subwoofer that is 18 inches in size, go with the American Bass. Choose the DS18 TM-SN18 Troublemaker as your 18-inch subwoofer if you want to be absolutely positive that you made the greatest possible choice.


Make sure, however, that the unit can be supported in the vehicle in which it will be transported. If you have one of the greatest 18-inch subwoofers currently on the market, then yes, an 18-inch subwoofer will look fantastic and function well as a car subwoofer.

However, there is a trade-off for everything, and an 18-inch subwoofer will require a significant amount of space.

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What Kind of People Use the Best Competition Subwoofers?

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement to use the best competitive subwoofers. However, the majority of college students and teenagers prefer listening to music in a rushed manner. They can’t get enough of the deep bass that these subwoofers produce in their homes and at parties.

Moreover, DJs who arrange sound parties also like to have the best competition subwoofers in their cars. Most of the time, the DJ takes their cars to the outdoor events and plays music through them.

Because of this, the subwoofers used in competitions are extremely powerful and are favored by both teenagers and adults. If you really want to increase the listening experience of your favorite music, you should, in the end, invest in the greatest subwoofer that money can buy from the competitors.

How to Install the Best Competition Subwoofers?

When you get a subwoofer, you need to know how to install the best competition subwoofers. Getting started is the hardest part; after you have the wires and any other necessary equipment, you can breeze through the process.

To begin, locate the location where the subwoofer will be installed. Then, cut the wires to the appropriate length based on the distance to the amplifier. The subwoofer should next be installed in the area of your home or vehicle that is most appropriate for it.

At this point, you will need to connect the wires from the subwoofer to the amplifier. Checking to see that the light switch is off is the most crucial step to do. During this step of the process, do not start the car. When you are finished, turn the key in.

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