Can You Connect Subwoofer To Sonos Arc? (Easy Steps)

The Sonos Arc is a soundbar that provides a high-quality surround sound experience for its users. For the sake of putting everything into its appropriate perspective, If you have a desire for heavy bass, then that alone is not enough for you.

You need to find a way to combine your enthusiasm with practical experience. And For that you are going to require a subwoofer in order to do this task.

So, if you are concerned about the question of “connecting a third party subwoofer for Sonos arc” and are looking for an answer then this article is for you.

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Can You Connect Subwoofer To Sonos Arc?

pair of speakers

Let me get to the main point right away. By answering the question of whether or not a subwoofer can be connected to a Sonos Arc.

The answer is both yes and also no.

“No, you won’t be able to use your current subwoofer with the Sonos arc. If you want to make use of your subwoofer, then the only option available to you in terms of Sonos is to buy two Sonos Amps.

One amplifier that can power a pair of speakers for both the left and right front channels, as well as link the system to the subwoofer you already have. The power for the two speakers that are installed in the ceiling and will act as the front surrounds comes from a single amplifier.

“Yes, you can connect a subwoofer to Sonos arc, only then if you have a Sonos sub. The SUB is the sole wireless subwoofer offered by Sonos.

The Sub may be utilized as a component of a multi-room or home theater system, and it can establish a wireless connection with any Sonos speaker or Sonos Amp.

However, in contrast to the company’s other speakers, the Sub cannot be paired with speakers made by different manufacturers unless the user also possesses a Sonos amplifier.

Connecting Sonos Subwoofer To Sonos Arc

The following are the steps required to connect a sonos subwoofer to a sonos arc:

Step 1:

Insert the HDMI cable into the proper port on the back of your TV. If your television has a cec-HDMI port, the Sonos arc will be able to communicate with it if you connect it to that port. If your television does not have a cec-HDMI port, you will need to find another means to connect the Sonos arc to your television.

If you have an HDMI cable that is explicitly designated for that purpose, you should connect it into that port; if you do not, you should just plug it into any of the other available HDMI ports.

Step 2:

At this point, you should attach your HDMI wire to the back of your Sonos arc. In addition, ensure that the power wire is connected to the Sonos arc.

Step 3:

Get the Sonos app by downloading it.

(It is important to note that the S2 version of the Sonos app is required in order to use the Sonos wireless subwoofer and the Sonos arc)

Step 4:

Launch the Sonos app, then navigate to the Settings menu from there. Simply clicking on the Sonos Arc when it appears on your app will activate it. And once you’ve completed all of the steps outlined in the app’s instructions, your Sonos Arc will be ready to use.

Step 5:

Provide power to your wireless Sonos subwoofer. Launch the Sonos app and go to the Settings menu to configure your system. Tap the room that you want to add your Sub to under the section labeled Products. And tab adds sub. And you are good to go.

What kinds of speakers Are Compatible With The Sonos Arc?

Sonos arc can be combined with other Sonos speakers, such as the Sonos Sub, as well as the Sonos One, One SL, Play1 and others, to create a more complete wireless 5.1 setup with a subwoofer and two rear speakers.

If you are looking to connect a Sonos arc with a subwoofer, then you can only connect a Sonos arc with a Sonos wireless subwoofer.

Is It Possible To Connect A Subwoofer Made By  Third Party To A Sonos System?

Connect Amp and the Sonos

Both the Connect Amp and the Sonos Amp have an RCA subwoofer output that allows for the connection of a subwoofer manufactured by a third party.

The crossover frequency range on the subwoofer output of the amplifier may be set anywhere from 50 to 110 Hz. The subwoofer output of the Connect Amp has a crossover frequency of 80 Hz, which cannot be adjusted.

Using an RCA cable, connect your subwoofer to the output on your Sonos product that is specifically designed for it. On an Amp, the output is denoted by the label SUB, but on a Connect Amp, the output is denoted by the label subwoofer.

Do You Need A Subwoofer With The Sonos Arc?

The performance of the Sonos Arc Soundbar improves even more when it is combined with a subwoofer and extra rear speakers.

The actual audio signature will be somewhat comparable to this one. Compared to a subwoofer, the arc does not have a strong bass. If you enjoy listening to music with a strong bass presence, the best choice for you is not just a Sonos arc but also a Sonos wireless subwoofer that is linked with the arc.

How Can I Improve The Quality Of The Sound Produced By My Sonos Arc?

  1.  Open the Sonos app.
  2.  Navigate to the Settings menu. 
  3.  Select the Sonos arc from the list of devices previously configured in the app.
  4.  Tap the surround audio button located under the sound menu.
  5.  To boost the volume, use the slider located on the TV. And take pleasure in the music.

Does The Sonos Arc Have A Satisfying Amount Of Bass?

The Sonos arc is a soundbar that produces high-quality sound. The Sonos arc offers greater sound surrounds and a sound quality that is considered to be of a pretty high standard.

The Sonos arc doesn’t deliver much in the way of bass. If you have ever listened to music via a subwoofer, you will come to the conclusion that the Sonos Arc does not have any bass at all. The Sonos Arc does not have very good bass, but it has excellent sound quality. This brings us to a conclusion.

Why Does My Sonos Arc Not Have Enough Volume?

The volume cap on your Sonos system is set too low since this is the most likely cause. The answer to your predicament is found in the following steps:

  1.  To begin, launch the app for your Sonos system.
  2.  Tap setup.
  3.  After that, pick the options for the room.
  4.  At this point, choose the room where your speaker is located.
  5.  Tap volume limit.
  6.  After that, switch off the device.

What Are The Steps To Enable Dolby Atmos On My Sonos Arc?

  1.  After you have connected your Sonos arc to the television, navigate to the menu of your television.
  2.  Navigate to the settings menu and then tap the display and sound buttons.
  3.  After that, select the audio output from the menu.
  4.  Additionally, check to see that your EARC mode is set to auto or on.
  5.  If you go a little farther down, you’ll see that there is a Dolby Digital output.
  6.  Instead of selecting the Dolby Digital option, select the Dolby Digital Plus option.


Sonos provides high-quality items. The firm recommends the Arc–Sub Entertainment Set. The soundbar may be unique, but it can always be better.

Sonos surround sound technology has come a long way if you’re a fan. Their Playbar and Playbase were popular, but the Arc was better. It’s a self-sufficient system with great bass and trebles.

Already-good productivity may be improved. Wait till you hear it soundstage with the sub before you make up your mind. A subwoofer may make the Arc better than a full-blown surround sound system.

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