Do You Need A Subwoofer For Vinyl? (Explained!)

If You love listening to vinyl records but always miss hearing the deep bass notes which couldn’t be played by the normal speakers of your vinyl setup, then adding a subwoofer to your setup could add some additional bass and play the deep low basses you have been missing.  

A subwoofer can turn your old vinyl set up to sound like an expensive music theater system.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your issues regarding adding a subwoofer for vinyl records and recommend some of the finest vinyl subwoofers.

Is A Subwoofer Needed For Vinyl Records?

Vinyl speakers

To begin, a subwoofer is not necessary for listening to music on vinyl records, but it does greatly improve the tone of your music.

Most Vinyl speakers are capable of creating moderate bass tones but aren’t capable of playing deep low bass notes. Adding a subwoofer to the system will enhance the low bass tones in music. 

For some musical genres, this can be quite effective, while for others, the difference is negligible. It’s an effective technique to add more bass to your stereo setup.

A subwoofer has the benefit of being able to be turned off when you wish to listen to music without amplified bass. 

You may also adjust the volume and crossover/cutoff frequency on most subwoofers. So there are thousands of things you can do with a subwoofer to personalize it to your own sound preferences. 

As a result, it is a more versatile option than purchasing larger speakers, as outlined in the previous point.

Another benefit of a subwoofer is that some of them have a built-in power amplifier. This is great since deep tight bass demands a lot of amplification power to produce. 

As a result, if you choose to buy larger speakers for greater bass, you may be forced to upgrade your amplifier/receiver to be able to drive them correctly. 

However, with an active subwoofer, there is no need to upgrade to a higher powerful amplifier/receiver because it is built-in. 

So that makes subwoofer for vinyl a must-buy setups that would add some rich bass into the system resultantly making it sound better.

What Basically Are Vinyl Records?

A vinyl record is a disc that is made of heated polyvinyl chloride that has been thinly pressed with sound-producing grooves. 

A vinyl record is sometimes known as a record, vinyl, LP, or 12-inch, but all of these terms refer to vinyl records. Vinyl records are indeed very collectable and widely regarded as the ultimate musical experience.

Vinyl records are an interesting part of technological advancement, as well as the development of polymers and manufacturing.

Adding A Subwoofer To Vinyl Records

subwoofer for turntable

If you want to connect a subwoofer to your existing speakers of vinyl records, you’re in luck because it’s a pretty simple process. 

Simply attach some speaker wire to your sub’s right and left wire inputs, then match the right and left cables back to your amplifier.

The mixing of the sub is also important. You have to ensure that the subwoofer is correctly integrated with your current speakers. 

Turn on the subwoofer, put on a vinyl record, and adjust the level until it’s barely audible, then turn on your speakers.

Fine-tune the volume of the sub once more to ensure that the bass presence is perceived, yet none of the mid and high tones are badly affected.

You should have some amazing sounds at this time!

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Pros Of Using A Subwoofer With Vinyl Records

1-More Bass:

This is an obvious one, but pairing a sub with your speakers means that your system will have more bass frequency response. 

This lets you hear a broader range of sound, particularly in the low-end, where bass tones reside.

2-Enhances Speakers:

If your speakers have poor low-end performance, installing a subwoofer may be all you need to improve the overall sound of your vinyl setup. 

Smaller speakers can cause distortion in the bottom tones. Thus removing that load with a subwoofer can significantly enhance overall sound quality.

3-It Can Be Cheap:

I am absolutely convinced that using subwoofer for vinyl and attempting for high audio quality with your audio setup does not have to be expensive. 

There are plenty of low-cost options for vinyl record players with subwoofers. Many people dislike Crosley’s cheap vinyl records. 

However, Audio Technica has some options that are of exceptional quality while remaining relatively affordable.

Many record players have decent built-in subwoofers, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your audio setup. 

However, this always results in the high-fidelity audio you seek, which is a significant benefit of listening to music on vinyl with subwoofers.

4-High-Fidelity Audio:

Vinyl combined with subwoofers has the potential to produce high-quality audio. 

Subwoofers help to increase low-frequency basses, which improves the quality of the sound you’re listening to. 

This is because of the fact that the audio data is literally pressed into the vinyl. This is one of the best ways to get as close to what the artist intended as possible. 

When compared to compression, such as MP3 audio, where a large portion of the musical quality is lost, this is great. 

This lost musical quality frequently contains the intricacies and subtle frequencies that hold the artist’s important emotional intent.

Cons Of Using A Subwoofer With Vinyl Records

1-Needs To Be Adjusted Frequently:

Vinyl, especially older records, was not designed with subwoofers in mind.

That implies that some records will sound really good at certain sub setups, while others will sound overly boosted. You’ll need to fine-tune your sub to whatever genre of music you’re currently listening to.

2-Can Result in Record Skips:

If your subwoofer is too close to your record player, it may cause skips if the bass is too strong. 

Of course, this is easily remedied by lowering the bass or relocating the subwoofer away from the vinyl record.

3-Takes Up A Lot Of Space:

To stand next to your vinyl record, you’ll need a nice table or cabinet. You may need to make space for the subwoofers. 

You will also require space to manage your cables properly. The big one, however, is your vinyl storage.

If you’re a serious vinyl collector, you’re at risk of having an overflowing record collection. They’ll eventually outgrow the cabinet and have to be relocated to the basement or utility room. 

You’re lucky if your basement isn’t already occupied. You should also be aware of the additional storage hazards that exist in your attic and basement. Such as dampness, mold, and vermin.


Vinyl records with subwoofers are immobile. Some suitcase models are designed with mobility in mind, but they are still inconvenient for listening to music on the train. 

You’d need a portable power source, and if your record player doesn’t have built-in subwoofers, you’d also need portable speakers. It’s simply not designed for this. 

What Types Of Music Sounds Better With A Subwoofer?

There are a few musical genres that benefit from subwoofer playback. These are frequently; Bass-heavy genres that rely on driving rhythms to move their audiences.

Hip Hop And Rap

Rap and Hip Hop music on vinyl can benefit greatly from the subwoofer’s deep bass tones and power. 

Rap music frequently incorporates 808 bass notes, which are low sine waves that can be difficult to hear in smaller speakers.

Subwoofers take the load off the regular speakers and produce a sound that makes the room shake.


EDM, or electronic dance music, incorporates many of hip hop and rap’s bass tones and kick drums. Songs can be very bass-focused depending on the sub-genre of EDM. 

By improving the bass signal, you can actually hear bass rhythms in the music better, which enhances the overall listening experience significantly.


R&B, like all of the other art forms discussed above, is very bass and melody forward. The dual melodies among an often higher-pitched vocal track and a low bass track distinguish this genre.

Incorporating a subwoofer into your setup can bring the entire audio range to life, giving you a newfound appreciation for the dynamics of this genre.


Rock is an unexpected genre on this list. To begin, we recognize that Rock is a broad genre, and not every song will benefit from the addition of a subwoofer.

That being said, turning down the volume on a subwoofer while listening to Rock allows for more presence in the track’s bass guitar, which can really help drive the rhythm.

Jazz Music

You’d benefit from a sub while playing the Jazz music. Another thing jazz and classical music have in common is a lot of deep basses, making a subwoofer ideal for demonstrating the capabilities of your home audio.

Are Subwoofers With Vinyl Records Worth It?

Vinyl records with subwoofers are worthwhile if you want the best sound out of your system. They retain their value while providing excellent sound and experience to their listeners. 

This is a challenging subject that comes down to a personal preference or decision. If you asked us directly, “Is vinyl with a subwoofer a waste of money?” we would say no. 

Technically, our direct response would be no. On average, you are not wasting money between your album that decreases in value and your album that increases in value because you could get it all back after you were done with both.

If you appreciate a pleasant experience, a vinyl subwoofer is not a waste of money. Vinyl records with subwoofers provide an altogether different and superior experience.

The truth is that vinyl records with subwoofers are a highly personal experience. When it comes to vinyl record subwoofers, the experience is just different. 

Sound quality, size or artwork, supporting the artist, and the experience of searching for the ideal album are all reasons we believe vinyl albums with subwoofers are worthwhile. 

You’ll love using subwoofers with vinyl once you get the feel of it. It’s a hobby you’ll immediately fall in love with. You’ll see why so many people think vinyl records with subwoofers are worthwhile.

Subwoofers That Are Best For Vinyl Listening

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably interested in integrating a subwoofer into your vinyl listening system. We’ve discussed some of your favorite subwoofers and why you might want them for playing vinyl records.

1-Polk Audio PSW10

The first subwoofer we recommend for your vinyl setup is the Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer, which costs around $80. 

This is a 10-inch subwoofer, which is a good size and the bass is nice and deep. There was no creaking or distortion, as with some cheaper subwoofers. 

The build quality is fantastic; it’s a front-facing subwoofer, so the sound comes out directly, and the MDF they used is nice and thick. Overall, it’s an excellent addition to any older vinyl records.

We believe that 10-inch subs are ideal for vinyl because they pack a powerful punch without sacrificing some of the deeper tones that are sometimes overlooked in older vinyl records.

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2-Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer – 8 Inch 

  • Wattage: 60
  • It takes up very little space.
  • Ideal for smaller home theater setups with a smart finish
  • There is an auto-on mode

The Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer is very small. It gives the impression that it will be weak, but at 60 watts and with a downward-firing setup, it is not. 

This provides a very nice rumble and bass. This is an 8-inch subwoofer, so it is small, but the sound it produces is not. 

While the sound is excellent, I also appreciate the design. It’s dark black and has been finished with textured vinyl paint, giving it a very sleek appearance.

So, if you want not only great sound but also a great-looking vinyl subwoofer setup, this is for you. 

Let me tell you, the T-Rex in Jurassic Park stomping in the rain had some significant oomph! I had no problems with the auto-on mode; when I did turn on my Blu-Ray player, I undertook this. This is a good buy for around $90.

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3-Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer – Black (NS-SW100BL)

  • 100 watts of power!
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent rumble
  • The design is of high quality.
  • If you want big bass, this is the place to be.

Okay, so the Yamaha NS-SW100BL 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Black costs about $200, but man, I loved it! 

To begin with, the 100 watts, front firing, and magnetic shielding on the insides make this very loud. 

I mean, really, really loud! This is the type of subwoofer that I believe is ideal for someone who enjoys listening to music with deep bass notes.

If you have a setup where you want everything to be as loud as possible, this is the subwoofer for you. 

While the sound is powerful, this is only a 10-inch subwoofer, so it does not take up much room. It is very well designed, so it has a strong feel on the outside as well as the inside.

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4- Elac Sub1010

  • 10 inches in length
  • Peak power: 120 watts 
  • Inputs: RCA, Speaker Wire
  • 38-200 Hz frequency response

The Elac SUB1010 is an excellent low-cost option with excellent sound quality for the price! The frequency response is excellent, allowing for the inclusion of some low tones in the mix. 

The adjustable frequency cutoff knob, which allows you to select exactly where you want the sub to stop and your speakers to pick up, is one of our favorite features.

The power output is impressive, but with vinyl subwoofers, that is less of an issue because they will typically be running at low volumes.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the SUB1010 for the price.

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5-ACOUSTIC AUDIO PSW-10 400 Watt 10-Inch Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

  • The design is very elegant.
  • The sound is fantastic.
  • It couldn’t be simpler to set up.
  • Has a lot of bass.
  • The cost is very reasonable.

The Acoustic Audio PSW-10 400 Watt 10-Inch Down Firing Powered Subwoofer is a solid 10-inch subwoofer that is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space but want something with a little more kick than any smaller subwoofer.

The bass is incredible; like the other Acoustic Audio subwoofers, it has a very “real” sound and feels to it. 

Also, because it appears so classy, it is the type of thing that will not stand out in your home theater in a negative way. 

These subwoofers are ideal for vinyl systems because they are excellent at producing deep low bass frequencies.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, incorporating a subwoofer into your vinyl system is a decision you must make based on your music preferences and existing speakers. 

We recommend that you upgrade your speakers first before getting a sub, and if you need help with that, check out the subwoofers we have listed above.

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