REL T9I Review- A Powerful Subwoofer!

If you’re into music or home theater, you know that having a good subwoofer can make a world of difference.

And few manufacturers are as well-regarded as REL Acoustics when it comes to high-end subwoofers.

The REL T9i is one of their top-tier models, and it may be used for a wide variety of audio and video applications. This subwoofer will put you in the midst of the action due to its long-throw drivers, strong amplifier, and front-firing steel frame.

The T9i is among the most user-friendly high-end subwoofers thanks to its wireless connection and straightforward controls.

The REL T9i is a fantastic option for anybody who wants to take their listening experience to the next level, whether they are a seasoned audiophile or just beginning their journey into the world of high-end audio.

Why hold off? The REL T9i subwoofer is the pinnacle of audio technology, so reward yourself by upgrading your listening experience.

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Key specifications




Sturdy cabinet with internal bracing, lacquered finish


10” long-throw down-firing driver, 10” front passive radiator


Class AB module, 300 watts RMS output power, toroidal transformer


Low frequency extension: 28Hz (-6dB), High level input impedance: 150k, Low level input impedance: 10k, LFE .1 input impedance: 10kohms


High cutoff frequency: 30 – 120Hz, Phase switch: 0 – 180°, Gain: 80dB (separate for high/low level inputs and LFE input), Power/automatic standby switch


Low-level input (mono, RCA), High-level input (stereo, Neutrik Speakon), LFE .1 input (RCA), Port for Rel Arrow wireless transmission module


Dimensions (W x H x D): 330 x 387 x 407mm (including feet, connectors and buttons), Weight: 18.7kg


Power cable, Speakon stereo connection cable (10m), User manual, Pair of fabric gloves

REL T9I Review: The Brand

The Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer

Richard Edmund Lord, the founder of REL Acoustics, set out in 1990 to design a high-quality subwoofer that he couldn’t find on the market.

The utilisation of a high-level connection with the amplifier is one of the company’s distinctive design elements, ensuring a constant overall sound profile and allowing the subwoofer to be connected to any amplifier.

This connection makes use of a professional-grade Speakon connector, which is well-known for its durability and anti-pullout locking technology.

Furthermore, REL Acoustics subwoofers use high-current amplifiers, which provide a high amount of current to assure precise reproduction of even the lowest notes.

This distinguishes them from other subwoofers, which may merely repeat the assault and body of a note.

Since its acquisition by John Hunter and Donald Brody in 2005, the firm has been committed to continuous development.

They have spent in refining their products’ design, mechanical structure, electrical circuitry, and driver quality.

In addition, in 2007, they launched the NaturalSound crossover, which guarantees smooth integration with main speakers, and since 2010, they have fitted their cabinets with substantial bracing, which prevents cabinet resonance.

The REL Acoustics T9i subwoofer exemplifies this commitment to innovation and design. It includes a 10″ long-throw steel chassis driver in the front, a 10″ down-firing passive driver, and a 300-watt Class A/B amplifier with numerous inputs.

It is ideal for use in stereo or home theatre systems and is wirelessly compatible with the Arrow system.

The T9i enhances modest systems with natural and luscious bass thanks to its robust performance and high-quality build and is a good option for rooms ranging from 100-400 sq. feet or bigger when used as a stereo pair.

The T9i comes with a 3-year guarantee that covers any faulty components and labour, giving buyers piece of mind.

Rel Acoustics T9i: Packaging & Accessories

The Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer is intended for easy installation and includes everything you need to get started.

A cable of about 10 metres in length with a Speakon connection on one end and three striped wires on the other is included in the box.

This connection allows you to easily connect the subwoofer to the speaker terminals of your amplifier, enabling you to enjoy strong and immersive bass that enriches your listening experience.

In addition to the connection, the package includes a power cable to guarantee that the subwoofer has enough power to produce high-quality sound.

The subwoofer also includes a pair of fabric gloves, allowing you to handle it without leaving fingerprints or other stains.

In addition, the kit includes an acoustic fabric grille that shields the subwoofer’s drivers while also providing a clean, professional appearance.

Finally, the user handbook includes clear instructions for setting up and using the subwoofer, so you can enjoy the rich, full-bodied sound with no effort.


  • A special limited edition version of one of REL Acoustics most popular subwoofers featuring a rich high gloss red finish
  • Experience home theater and music as the artist intended with the most award winning high-end subwoofer brand, REL Acoustics
  • The most powerful T/i subwoofer available. Perfect for stereo or home theater systems. Matches well with any system.

Rel Acoustics T9i: Presentation

The Rel Acoustics T9i focuses on providing deep and accurate bass performance to enhance the audio experience of home theater systems and high-end audio setups. its Presentaion has following details:

1- Design

As soon as we took the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer out of its box, we were surprised by how sleek and well-polished its black lacquered finish was.

We did notice, though, that the shiny surface was easy to smudge and leave fingerprints on, which can be annoying.

The maker was smart, though, and included a pair of fabric gloves so that you wouldn’t leave marks on the surface.

Whether or not the acoustic screen is attached, the T9i subwoofer looks great and fits in with any living room or home theatre set-up.

The white and silver cone of the passive radiator, which has the Rel Acoustics name on it, gives the design a unique touch and can still be seen through the acoustic fabric grille.

Still, we think the silver “R E L” sign on the top of the cabinet and the silver “R E L” letters on the feet are a bit too flashy.

We would have liked something simpler and less flashy.

2-300 Watt, 10″ Driver + Passive Radiator

One of the best things about the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer is that it has a 10-inch down-firing driver and a front-firing passive radiator.

The passive radiator works with the main driver to make more bass and improve the pressure of the sound.

This subwoofer is driven by an amplifier with a 300-watt RMS output power, so it can put out a lot of power and make deep, rich bass sounds.

The 10-inch driver also has a long-throw surround, which lets it move a lot of air and make a deeper bass sound that goes all the way down to 28Hz.

This feature is especially important for people who want to get the most out of action movie music and other material with a lot of bass.

Overall, the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer is the best in its group because it has a strong amplifier, a big driver, and a front-firing passive radiator. It plays deep, powerful bass with precision and accuracy.

The Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer has a low-level input, an LFE input, a high-level audio input, and a special connection for wireless streaming.

We were especially pleased by the high-level input with a Speakon plug, which makes sure that the soundstage stays the same when both speakers and the subwoofer are used.

The subwoofer is easy to set up and connect to your amplifier because it comes with a 10-meter-long wire that is made just for it.

Also, the detailed user manual makes it clear how to use the different links based on the speaker you have.

Overall, the Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer is a useful and flexible addition to any home audio system because it has many input choices and is easy to set up.

3-Settings and Power Supply

The Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer has a number of useful settings that let users customise how they listen.

The crossover control is one of these settings. It lets the user set the frequency at which the subwoofer takes over from the main speakers.

The subwoofer also has a power setting so you can change how much bass you hear.

The power source of the Rel Acoustics T-9i speaker is another thing that makes it useful.

It has a 300-watt Class D amplifier, which lets it produce deep, strong bass that can fill even big rooms.

The subwoofer also has a long-throw driver that lets it move a lot of air, which makes it even better at making deep, powerful bass.

Overall, we were pleased by how the settings and power source of the Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer let us fine-tune the sound and gave it enough power to make deep, powerful bass.


Rel Acoustics T9i: Listening Conditions

We were able to test the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer for a long time in our hearing room over the course of several months.

We tested how well it worked with different types of speakers, stereo amps, and A/V players in both hi-fi and home theatre settings.

When we tested the subwoofer with the Marantz PM7000 and Atoll IN200 amplifiers and the Focal Chora 826 floor-standing speakers and the Elipson Prestige Facet 8B small speakers, we were happy with the sound quality.

For these setups, we used the Speakon input and the cable that came with it to make a high-level link. We connected the red and yellow wires to the amplifier’s positive speaker outputs and the black wire to one of the negative ends.

Then, we set the level of the subwoofer (using the High/Low-Level knob) to match that of the speakers, and we set the high lower limit frequency to be just a little bit higher than the low cutoff frequency of the speakers. This gave us the best balance.

For our home theatre tests, we hooked up the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer to the Onkyo TXRZ840 and NAD T778 A/V players through the Elipson Prestige Facet and Focal Chorus 726 HCM speaker systems.

We used a subwoofer wire to connect the LFE output of the amplifier to the.1/LFE input of the subwoofer. Then, we used the.1/LFE Level knob to match the volume of the subwoofer to the volume of the speakers.

The cutoff frequency was fine-tuned with the help of the A/V receiver’s automatic tuning tool.

Overall, we found the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer to be a good performer that could be used in a variety of settings and offer rich bass.

Rel Acoustics T9i: Listening Impressions

1- High Fidelity

When we put our Elipson Prestige Facet 8Bs or Focal Chora 826 floor-standing speakers together with the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer, the sound quality instantly got a lot better.

The low-end depth and presence were greatly improved, but the effect on the whole picture was even more amazing. The highs got clearer and more clarity, and the middle got more depth.

The music was played back with more depth and substance than it had before when it was just played through the speakers.

But the Rel Acoustics subwoofer helped with more than just the low sounds.

The audio picture and depth of the soundstage also became more three-dimensional and roomy. This let the music breathe and fill the room with a more real and engaging presence.

The subwoofer was very quick, and it worked well with the speakers to make the listening experience smooth and powerful.

The 300-watt amplifier controlled the cone and passive radiator of the driver in a steady way, so there were no pauses and the strikes were strong and loud.

The Rel Acoustics T9i really shone on bass-heavy songs like Morcheeba’s “Never Undo,” with its subtle and strong lows that went well with the song’s beat.

But even on more quiet tracks, like Tracy Chapman’s “The Love That You Had,” the subwoofer was helpful. It gave the drums and bassline more weight and depth, which made them sound more real.

The result was a sound that was both full and detailed, with a new level of reality and depth that made listening to music much more enjoyable.

2-Theater room

The Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer really changes the way people watch movies and listen to music.

As soon as the first notes are played, you can hear how well it plays.

The T9i has a 300-watt amplifier and works well with other audio gear. It also sounds better than anything else.

When used with home theatre systems, the T9i’s powerful power makes each scene feel more real.

In Peter Weir’s Master & Commander, the T9i makes every gun blast sound like a thunderous infra-low, putting the watcher right into the action.

The sound is so real that it’s almost like you can feel the gun fire.

In Mad Max: Fury Road, the T9i makes every moment of stress stand out, giving the movie an exciting feel.

The deep bass from the subwoofer gives the action scenes a regular energy that makes them more exciting.

The T9i makes the roar of the hero’s Ford’s V8 engine and the sounds of explosions come to life. The speaker is so sensitive that it comes out of automatic sleep mode fast enough to not miss any blasts.

The T9i is also great for listening to music.

When paired with small or floor-standing speakers like the Elipson Prestige Facet 8Bs or the Focal Chora 826, the T9i makes the lows go deeper and gives the middle more depth.

The soundstage gets more depth, which makes hearing more engaging.

The subwoofer’s subtle bass gives the music more depth and flavour, making it feel more real and rewarding.

Overall, the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer is a real work of art when it comes to audio gear.

It is an important part of any home theatre or music listening setting because of how powerful, quick, and well it works with other audio equipment.

It gives you an unmatched music experience that no other subwoofer on the market can match.


Rel Acoustics T9i : Compared To…

Comparing the REL Acoustics T9i to other subwoofer models can help you understand its strengths and weaknesses relative to its competition. Here’s a general comparison with some famous subwoofers:

1- Dynaudio Sub 3

This Dynaudio subwoofer has a sleek smooth finish. It has the same amount of output power and a driver that is the same size as the other one.

Because of its closed structure, which maximises its rapid reaction, it is quite quick and provides lows without any lag or distortion.

This is because of the way it is built. Also, it’s much easier to set up because it doesn’t have any ports and is a little bit smaller than the earlier model. It’s too bad that it doesn’t have a high-level input.

Because of this, you will need an amplifier with a preamplified SUB output to get the most out of the Dynaudio Sub 3 during high-fidelity listening sessions.


Dynaudio Sub 3

  • Amplifier
  • Construction,Movies,Music

2- B&W PV1D:

Since it was added to the British company’s collection in 2012, the B1W PV1D has continued to impress customers with its bold style and good sound. It also sounds as good as it looks.

This subwoofer has a spherical housing and is driven by a 400-watt amplifier. It also has a circular port. It has two speakers that are each 8 inches across.

The lows this subwoofer makes are lower and stronger than the lows made by the Rel subwoofer, which makes lower sounds that are tighter and “drier.”



  • Zeppelin features five well-spaced and carefully positioned premium drive units
  • Stream from Apple AirPlay 2 Bluetooth aptX Adaptive
  • Zeppelin is built on an upgradable platform so as new services appear you’re covered.


The Rel Acoustics T-9i has a big increase at the low end of the frequency range. This gives music more depth and lets movie sounds make full use of the LFE channel.

During action movies, there is a lot of sound pressure, which is mostly caused by the large surface area of the driver and the 10″ passive radiator, which emits sound.

This subwoofer makes low sounds that are not only thick, rich, and deep, but also exact and soft.

The 300-watt amplification controls the subwoofer’s moving parts well, giving them a good sense of rhythm and great movement. This type can also be used for listening sessions that are completely devoted to high-fidelity audio.

With its T-9i model, the Welsh company Rel Acoustics shows how good it is at making passive cabinets.

This subwoofer, which is both powerful and sensitive, is great for giving hi-fi and home theatre listening sessions a sense of life and realism because it can make the image more immersive.

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